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Introduction Presentation Game modes has a long tradition of high quality gaming. Ever since it’s emerge, has kept their player up to the latest maps there are in the world, as back then as it is today, our DOTA 1 is only approx. 4 versions behind actual DOTA 2 version, which makes it reliable to play as the team is working on keeping up with the latest version every day.

Defense of the Ancients

DOTA 1 has it’s long tradition, even Basshunter played it, and, aside from it’s Melee players, always had players and leagues that were hosting numerous games of DOTA daily. We all remember that feeling when you wake up in the morning and try to enter the game, and you see that you do not have that DOTA map, and you realize there is a new version out, download it, and while in lobby, scroll fast throughout the patch notes, to see what’s new. When there is a new hero, entering AP mode just to try it out, click as fast as possible to get it, and get mad when someone else picks it, or, mostly, feeding by not knowing how to play it if you get it. That was all the life back then that gave us small conniptions. What if there is a new item, you make it, try it out, now even knowing for real if it’s a right hero for our hero, but, we have to try it out right? We did not mind that Gondar is similar to Dark Seer or that Rikimaru has it’s twins in the woods, or even that Naix is a father of the Scourge melee creepss.

Lots of us got hyped when DOTA 2 was announced, but, back then, we all had computers we were playing Warcraft 3, Customs or Melee, on and some of it were not strong to support it, but nowdays, when standard has changed, even tho we have computers strong enough for DOTA 2 or Warcraft 3 Reforged, we are gladly going back to it’s origins and that is Classic Warcraft 3, and that’s where we offer you everything you need, and things that are even better than some of the modern features that Warcraft 3 Reforged offers you, for example, we have ladder system and we care about our community and their needs, where they don’t and you do not need to play these 30$ just to see how stuff work, here it is free, and if you like it, you are welcome to support the server throughout donation and Patreon, so that we can keep up doing what we all love.

With all that said, LagAbuse is a platform that offers us highest standards as far as DOTA and Custom games go. Equipped with everything to satisfy all needs of Players. Most noted attributes that keeps Eurobattle at the top is Dedication of the Moderaton Center to continuously improve all aspects of the game.

What does LA offer to you:

  • Moderation Staff keeps the Server clear of all Rule Breakers and is open to suggestion of adding and/or altering current Rules to the benefit of keeping high standard of Gaming.
  • Statistical Monitoring , including Kill/Death/Assist with details about Farming Neutral/Enemy Creeps ,as well as Denied creeps , provide one of a kind insight into the Game
  • Ladder system is keeping the competitive spirit in the League, with each game increasing or decreasing the PSR (Player Statistical Rating) ,which brings the benefits of exclusive VIP Status, Forum/Server Icon awards and glory among mortals.
  • Tournaments & Events provide a chance to display Your skills and separate yourself from others , as well as earning PSR bonuses, Icons and Status among players. These events are covered with streams, making sure that Your legendary moments don't go unnoticed.

However you choose to do it , is the Place to do it!

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