Melee Games & Custom games

Melee Games & Custom games

iCe by iCe in Mar 03, 2020
Introduction Presentation Game modes is probably the world’s largest community for Classic Warcraft 3.
By that, we have many players that play DOTA, but Melee Games and Custom games as well.


Melee games, also know as PG (Play Game) on used to be really popular back in the days, and by the Reforged being not so popular and match making system rebirth on, it’s returning to it’s old days glory. As for our system, we have slightly higher requirements for icons (25-150-350-750-1500) but also, much more accurate match-making, which will ensure that you play against player that has as similar skill as you have, which improves gameplay experience overall. Available modes are 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, 4v4 and FFA.

Being into top 50 / top 25 / top 10 and top 1 on server, you receive an icon that will make you stand out from others. Daily automated tournaments are in plan to be returned, so people can earn those juicy tournament icons as well.

Here you can find ranking list of server: Melee ladder

Interested more in Custom games?

Custom games, community that is most numbered on every RTS game and server as so as here. We have affiliation with many bots from different servers that are hosting all types of Custom Games. Our partner Lagabuse is providing us with bots that allows you to host your own Custom Games you like, on many different servers and so people can join and have games with you that are stable.

Inside of the Custom Games system, we have many tournaments, which, as same as melee games players, reward you with fancy icons. There are lots of different tournaments for variety of different custom games.

How popular is our server, tells the statistic that there are over a hundred games of Dota played each day, over ten games of TKoK Eastern, and many more, you can check details statistics here: Maps

We always keep an eye out for hackers and cheaters, people who ruin games and gaming experience, so we can say that we have developed a really big and stable system for banning these types of players, within few minutes of being reported.

We hope that you will enjoy our server and good luck on the field of justice !

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