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Thread: The worst imbalances in dota history

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    The worst imbalances in dota history

    People who havent played first versions of dota might think that tinker was imbalanced in some of the latest versions or necrolyte with bloodstone(thos are just examples). Now what do you think about this?

    1. Yee Old Pudge:

    Hailing from the kingdom of the darkest hell (4.00 - 5.something), the old pudge commanded about him only the most powerful forces of darkness:

    Able to overwhelm the sentinel towers with mass taurens generated by his level four necrogensis skill and revived by his revive skill, pudge was the ultimate pusher after the purchase of a few void stones. After hitting merely level 11 (or just six) pudge was able to summon ridicolous flies which drove towers, heroes, and creeps crazy because of their insane evasion. Needless to say, the old pudge was quickly replaced with the fat hooker we now all know and love/fear.

    2. The Infamous Gambler!

    Hailing from the olden 5.xx days, the gambler was ridiculous to the point of being laughable. The gambler, though newer, was nevertheless on par with all the other imba-ly strong heroes like the olden Void Demon. More of a bank-robber than a gambler, this man uses his noxiously rigged skills to pool in money - be it through an opponents death, or even his own.

    These two skills are essentially what makes gambler one the most imba heroes to ever set foot in DotA - an 1500 damage nuke at level six is a tad bit unfair to most heroes since their HP values don't exceed even 1000. Coupled with Ante up, gambler makes well over 600 gold per kill. Hell, with ante-up, gambler can make a minimum of 300 gold per suicide! Finally, there's Roulette and Lucky Stars:

    Roulette essentially serves as a fairly strong nuke, and lucky stars is basically a critical strike - except, instead of having a chance to do extra damage, there's a chance (4% at level four) of making extra gold per attack (by instantly killing an enemy creep or doing 250 extra damage to a hero).
    Needless to say, Gambler was removed before the advent of 6.00s - a 2500 damage nuke, even at level 25, hurts like being butt-raped by a cactus.

    3. Spirit Breaker's Grandfather - the Astral Trekker!

    Hailing from Canada, this aged cow was yet another ridiculously unbalanced hero - even for his day when death-ward Stealth Assassins, 600 AOE void demons, and other such heroes dominated the map. With incredible strength and ridiculous stunning power, this bull placed fear into the undead scourge hearts (he was a sentinel hero).

    His first skill, an innocent enough ensare, is actually a brutal ass-raping machine of death. 10 seconds, an entire 10 seconds of being bond down to the miserable ground while a fat cow slaps his dripping lamp on you is not fun. Coupled with his next skill, an ridiculous war stomp, the victim finds himself unmoveable for an entire painful 15 seconds as this cow smacks you silly with his pulverize. What if you're a caster? Could you just turn on your freezing field or pulse nova and be safe? No, Astral Trekker's ultimate is (correct me if I'm wrong) a permenate avatar skill which grants HP as well as armor bonuses.
    Needless to say, Astral Trekker was removed with the advent of recipe-based items. His skin, the ladder-based Orc tauren caster, was later used on the scourge's spirit breaker - who is occasionally seen today working closely with Bloodseeker.

    4. Nightstalker's Daddy who also feared during the day - Void Demon!

    Ahh, the single most rigged hero DotA has ever churned out, nothing quite comes close to the power of the void demon. Fast as a bolt of lightning, strong as a herd of oxen, and as terrifying as any death-warded SA, the Void Demon struck not only fear into the hearts of the sentinel, but also irritation, rage, tears, agony, and no end of wrist-slitting. Why? Let's see!

    First up is the unassuming Time Void, the skill is very similar to the current Nightstalkers - similar damage, and similar slow effect...However, when used by the Void Demon, this skill, for good or evil (often evil) stuns for five seconds as well. Imba! you cry, well it's only going to get worse. This degen aura, slightly more powerful than Omniknights in that it affects attack speed as well as movespeed, was truly malicious in the hands of the Void Demon. Why? For one thing, he already has a lengthy stun, and for another, this thing has a 600 AOE - that's right, 600. Not Omniknights piss-poor 200 something, but a full fledge 600 AOE! But even that's not all! That's right, Void Demon's ultimate is another 600 AOE aura - an overbuffed Endurance aura. If you're on the sentinel team, the moment you see the haunting little degen icon on the bottom of your screen, it's already too late - a mass hasted Void demon with a lengthy stun is coming to chop down your tree. Finally, Void Demon has a tower pushing skill known as quake. Needless to say, Void Demon, who hunted both night and day, was turned into a mere petty creature of the night with no degen and a weak time void following the end of the 3.xx years (that was also the year Bush was reelected to US presidency).

    5. Atila the Hun had a child with Adolf Hitler - the death ward Stealth Assassin!

    An original RoC DotA hero from days long since gone by, this assassin stands fiercely next to his hero-killing death ward. Who is he? - Ryu Hasabana, the true stealth serial killer (not to be confused with the current comparatively weak and ineffectual Ricky Martin or whatever his name is - Rikimaru). After the untimely death of the Void Demon (legends claim he was crushed by a huge frozen frog) at the advent of reciped items, SA and SA alone dominated the battlefield. No one, with the occasional exception of a blink-enabled Anti-mage, has ever escaped the wrath of Ryu. So powerful was the old SA that groups of heroes (like the entire scourge team), not just lone heroes, would run from his deadly assualt.

    At merely level 3 Ryu fades from sight, hidden, not in the shadows, but in plain freakin' sight - but hidden nonetheless. The scourge hero, no matter who he is, with the misfortune of laning against SA, no doubt, is instantly overcome with pants-pissing fear as death takes to the unseen. Ever so often, the scourge hero would feel the painful prickling of a communist-styled scythe carve into his back, but when he turns around to confront his attacker, he's already gone...if not, he'd would've used his next skill to escape: Blink. That's right, at level 4, a 2 second blink. Two seconds then he's gone again. Even without invisibility, heroes would be hard-pressed to slay the SA, but with it, killing him becomes harder than for n00b drows to get some wood (for recipes). For laughs and to further guarentee SA a decent late-game (in case mass-raping the other team isn't enough), SA also has: That's right, an ass-pwning critical better than everyone else's criticals today (except Mortred's level 3, but that's her ult). In case that's not enough, SA has one more trick up his sleeve...but oh, what a ridiculously powerful trick it is! That's right, a four-leveled ultimate (the last level is learnable at either level 18 or level 20) that's neither channeling or expensive mana-wise. Plop it down and, unless you plopped it down where there are no heroes, you've just killed someone - maybe even two or more as you level up. Difficult to kill and even more difficult to tank, nothing stops the death ward...consequently, nothing stops SA
    Except large icy frogs - during the 5.xx SA was brutually mugged by a particularly large frog who broke Ryu's legs, downgraded his blink, stole his deathward, made invisibility his ultimate, changed his name, and passed to him a large collection of gas so putrid as to slow people down and shut them up.

    6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah from the Choirs of heaven, here's a wisp who claims he's GOD!

    Yes, that's right, before the 4.xx the sentinel had, in their arsenal, not just the might of a mere Olympian who threw thunderbolts, but the full powers of a GOD so powerful, all three letters of his name must be capitalized. Sadly and most disappointingly, GOD does not live up to his name. Unlike his Bilibical counterpart who was able to rain down fire and brimstone, punish the wicked, flood the world, and create the small-penis-ed Adam in his image, this intelligence-based GOD could do nothing but worm about the battlefield with iritating slowness and most farm.

    Firstly, GOD's mediocre farming skill and finisher, which, sadly, is mostly used to last-hit on creeps since GOD's regular attack is just slightly better than a normal wisp's. However, this relatively weak skill is compensated by the next one. That's right, at level 1, this skill sleeps the enemy for 20 seconds. This skill, of course, cries out for exploit. The astute player will, if he's laning against a soloing hero, sleep the person behind his tower nonstop until GOD is a good few dozen levels higher. Later, at level 3, this skill effective removes lone heroes who have no one nearby to wake them from the game (one minute of stun is an eternity). Coupled with the relatively short cooldown (15 seconds), GOD can effectively sleep the entire sourge team granted the scourge don't wake each other by giving the sleeper a good whack (this was back in the day when allies could attack each other as necessary or to TK). God's next skill, though godly in today's standards, was merely okay back then. That's right, a full blown mana-sheild that absorbed all damage. Mixed with a couple point boosters (soul boosters didn't exist back then) and void stones, GOD should be, thereoretically, impervious to all assualt. This is true on some levels, however, tough chasing-heroes (not including SA) still manages to wreak havoc on GOD. How? They'd simply chase GOD and beat on him until he's all out of mana (the Void Demon can do this exceptionally well). GOD would, in response, attempt to sleep the hero, but, if they are in sentinel territory, towers and creeps would simply rewake the chasing-hero instantly and the chase resumes - good for the Void Demon, bad for GOD...unless help arrives, which then means GOD may very well live.
    Finally, GOD's mediocre farming skill; a standard ladder-like Starfall, great for stopping mass-creep pushes, but otherwise useless for hero-killing. The skill, like Blackhole and Freezing Shield, is channeling, and can be cancelled by numerous methods.
    Needless to say, this awkward hero was removed at the advent of recipes in the 4.xx DotA series.

    7. Bzzztt!! Razor's older brother - Thunder Knight!!

    What? The mighty Razor's elder brother is but a lowly undead acolyte? Yes, yes, he is; but unlike the average acolyte who stands mindlessly in front of gold mines waving his arms in a most arcane fashion, this one acquired the Olympian power of thunder (technically lightning)! Finding undead scourge women impossible to please with his lightning-quick ejaculatory system, the Thunder Knight (his name long since lost through the sands of time) joined the sentinel forces to push back the evil scourge with the wrath of dancing electricity.

    Aside from the fact that Thunder Knight's Chain Lightning and Lightning Reflexes share the same icon, there is little else particular amazing, noticable, or 1mb4 about this mediocre hero. Having neither a stun nor a movement-enhancing ability, Thunder Knight is, at best, a pitiful hero in the age of minute-long sleep spells, 600 AOE degen auras, and 150 chaos damage death wards. Coupled with the fact that Thunder Knight is a intelligence hero (as oppose to agility as he should be), his entire game can only be centered around farming and tower-pushing - but even that's too much for the pitiful Knight. Despite the fact that Chain Lightning claims to be a Chained-multi-hitting powerful, it is, in fact, just a single-target nuke almost exactly like today's Zeus's thunderbolt (minus the interrupt). And his Thunder Dragons, though strong in numbers, lasts for only a meager 20 seconds at level 3 before they vanish. Furthermore, due to a bug in the game, the dragons can never attack structures (in most versions) despite getting their level 3 - the critters simply help the Thunder Knight farm. Thunder Knight's only redeeming skill is Lightning Reflexes - which adds a heap of attack speed - but due to it's lacking in providing anything else (i.e. movespeed), Thunder Knight can do nothing but get mowed down by a death ward or crushed by a Void Demon. Consequently, Thunder Knight's entire game consists of three phases: last-hitting creep and dying early game, tower-hugging and dying mid game, and fountain-hugging and dying late game.

    8. DotA's first girl! Purity's Disciple - Celeste of Silvermoon!

    Yes, I jest not. Slayer USE TO BE A MAN!! How did this happen? Here history diverges in agreement, but what most likely happen is this: Link Inverse, a man raised as a Blood Elf Prince next to Kaal, was one day walking through the forests of Silvermoon when he heard a noise like that of nude pretty Elven girls between the ages of 95 - 97 (approximately 16 in Human years) splashing each other playfully while bathing. Unable to resist his indecent urges, Link Inverse stole next to a bush and peeped on them - his eyes lingering on a particularly busty one with a pretty sparkle in her eye and blond curls in her hair. Years later, when Link was dragged into the epic struggle between Sentinel and Scourge onto the Sentinel side, Link met a girl he instantly found familiarly yet couldn't recognize - Celeste...of Silvermoon. Link watched her from a distance - usually when she stood on higher-elevation so he could see her panties - but was afraid to speak to her; everytime he got close, his heart jumped to his throat and a most awkwardly painful buldge would grind against his pants (his spell components). So the two fought side-by-side, Link knowing Celeste only as the innocent temptress who dominated his dreams nightly and Celeste knowing Link only as that freaky emo-blood-freak who always woke up with a weird wet spot on his boxers while moaning out her name....Until, that is, that fateful day when Celeste was taken from this world. Overcome with grief and emotion, Link secluded himself into a dark corner, turned off the lights, and began listening to Dashboard Confessions until he cried himself to sleep. When his tears dried, Link began a phase of bitterly masturbating to overcome his anguish - but that too proved futile; he was dead in the pants. So, in the depth of despair, Link prayed to Icefrog for Celeste's body, and Icefrog, having a wicked sense of human, gave it to him...making it replace his own. Suddenly a girl, Link was overjoyed, but to throw off suspicion, Link Inverse changed his name to Lina Inverse, and when he - she - returned to the battlefield, in the 5.xx, people had already forgotten the old Link...

    Enough about that. Celeste is essentially the sentinel healer - via Holy Light and Chakra Magic. Teleport allowed her instant travel from place to place for either the purpose of healing or to initiate a "tele-nuke" a powerful technique still used by dagon-equiped Furions today. Denial served as an AOE disenchant completely the same as its Ladder counterpart. Finally, Chakra magic was simply a negative manaburn - it burns you for -250 mana (at level 6) thus granting you an extra 250 mana and health. Celeste was removed because the time for massive-heal amounts died with RoC DotA - her place was in the past, whatever will be will be, the future was not for her to see. Kay sirrah sirrah.
    On the bright side, Lina Inverse - formerly Link Inverse - has become (literarily) the hottest girl in DotA. She is, in fact, so hot that she is not only on fire, but she has also been granted the coveted status of "I'd Hit That" by the respected Mod PieMonger in his excellent Lina guide.

    9. A feeble old man with a massive following - the Conjurer!

    Old, decrept, and weak the Conjurer suffers not only from erectile disfunction but also from numerous painful weakness such as poor HP and lack of escape mechanism...Until, that is, he raises an army of elementals around him. Earth, fire, water, ice, and sodium all flock to his whim, and act upon his command to do everything from organizing themselves into dominating golems to powerful water-avatars to even the fiery wings of immortal phoenixes. In the hands of masterful DotA player, the conjurer is truly a force to reckon with - the sentinel counterpart to the mighty scourge Pudge.

    Although useful for tower-pushing and perhaps farming, blizzard is almost always forgone - most players taking Earth Golem and Water Elemental in its stead. At level 3, each Ruby Golem, red in luster and roshan-like in size (albiet a bit smaller), is able to toss a storm-bolt style rock capable of stunning for two seconds. At level four, when Sepia is able to upkeep four golems at once to do his bidding, he is able to essentially throw 4 storm bolts at any unfortunate victim - stunning them for 8 seconds. Coupled with the ranged artilery from the water elementals and his trio of powerful phoenixes, the unfortunate scourge finds themselves being roasted alive amidst fire water and earth. Unstoppable by even towers, the scourge can do nothing but whimper as this feeble old man penetrate their defensives and melt their frozen throne. To counter this flagrant imba-ness - after all, being able to upkeep 12 chaos-damage units nonstop without need for corpses is fairly overpowered - Conjurer was replaced by the weak Keeper of the Light.

    10. More WTF than STFU - the old Silencer!!

    Formerly Slayer's blood elf lover before his sex change, Nortrom was a rather messy Sentinel hero. Having neither the Silencing zazz of the current silencer nor the overwhelming power of an old full-fledge summoner like Pudge or the Conjurer, the silencer was a strange - and often deadly - combination of both. Freely tossing massive glaves that require 15 mana for the current silencer to toss, Nortrom was quite the dominating hero.

    First and foremost, Nortrom was a godly farmer with Meteor Shower - a 300 damage AOE ass-rape nuke that buried little glowing stars in your hair. This skill, better than the current Crystal Maiden's level 6 freezing shield, was cheap in mana cost and fast in cooldown, allowing the silencer to repeatedly spam this spell to acquire massive amounts of gold and ward off laning scourge heroes. Interestingly enough, Starfall does not synergize with Nortrom next AOE damage/summon spell - Rain of Chaos. Since both spells carry a short channeling time, enemies either didn't feel the full force of 5 Infernals rolling like thunder down the hilss or managed to escape starfall after Nortrom finished channeling his former spell. Rain of Chaos, however, was nevertheless a godly skill - it had everything, stun, damage, and summons. Coupled with his former next skill, Healing Wave, Nortrom was, in the Healing-Wave capable versions, an excellent pusher. However, for some unknown reason, Healing Wave was replaced with a disruption ray. The skill, similar to Phantom Lancer's lance throw attack, not only slowed the enemy, but also inflicted a powerful poison-like status on the victim. Although the skill description claims it only does minimal damage unless the enemy has been silenced by Nortrom's ultimate (which silences), in most versions, it did the full 500 damage nevertheless due to bugs. Finally, there's Nortrom's silencer skill; acting similar to an orb effect (except it wasn't one), Silencer's silencing glaves simply shut up whomever it smacked into - this was great for slaying petty heroes like Clinkz and other weak agi-assassins. Nortrom was revamped in the 6.xx (or 5.xx) into the current silencer - who is significantly more focused in terms of actually silencing.

    11. OMFG this isn't even funny - Kael, the Invoker

    Hailing from the magical land of 1mb4, Kael, having forsaken his duty to the comparatively pitiful Illidan and the Burning Legion, decided to join up with the Scourge forces to wipe, once and for all, the Sentinel forces off the face of the Earth. Unlike most heroes, who have only four spells/passives, Kael, being the singular most powerful hero ever, has a massive inventory of 31, that's right thirty-one, spells. Through Exort, Wex, Quas, the Invoker generates 27 different spell, coupled with his original four, makes 31. Since 31 is a massive number and I don't have space for 31 seperate images, they've all been compiled into one large image (which photobucket promptly shrunk - those bastards). If you have problems reading the descriptions, use a magnifying glass.

    That's right, 31 different spells, each with its own uses and powers. Invoker's spells are composed of 3 basic ingredients: Quas, Wex, and Exort - Water, lightning, and fire. Bond together into spells by his level 6 uni-level ult Invoke, Invoker simply levels up his former 3 skills (to a maximum of 8) to improve the already awesome powers of his spells and himself. Most notable amongst these spells are, first and foremost, the chaos meteor. Summoning a massive slow-moving meteor, the Invoker rams the thing down one thing, plowing through creep, trees, and heroes alike. Great for hero-scattering and godly for farming, Invoker easily rakes in chest after chest of gold unchecked by an irritated opposition. Tornado Blast and Energy Ball also does this - though to a less 1mb4 extent. Coupled with a successfully landed Icy path (which blocks off opponents from fleeing), a pro Invoker easily rakes in triple, quadruple, and even penta-kills - causing much teary-eyes and wrist cutting on the Sentinel side. Another worthwhile Invoker skill is the legendary Portal, similar to hook and nether swap except significantly easier to land as it is cast stormbolt style, Portal pulls an enemy hero next to the Invoker where he is promptly pantsed, bent over, and royally analed by the sniveling Scourge team. Aside from powerhouse skills, Invoker also carries some plain interesting spells. Namely, EMP. Shooting out a slow shinning EMP bomb in the form of a ball, the thing explodes after a short time, nuking out ridiculous amounts of mana from all surrounding enemy heroes - rendering them useless if cast early enough in combat. Needless to say, Invoker practically has a spell for every possible situation in DotA, making him the singular most rigged hero ever. Although he lacks a blatant escape mechanism (such as blink or whirlwind), Kael's massive amounts of ridiculous disables such as Deafening Blast (which damages and silence) and Disarm (which damages and actually take away an enemy unit's ability to physically attack) easily allows him to escape all but the most brutal 5v1 gangbangs.
    What became of this incredibly power house of a hero? No one knows for sure. But Rumor has it that as Kael won battle after battle, game after game, he grew cocky and pompous as his magic grew powerful and mighty. Often, he stood apart from the rest of the Scourge heroes - shunning them for being lowly and weak. No one, however, dared to speak out against Kael, his powers were too great, and his successes against the sentinel too many. More than often, Kael would make ludicrious demands to the Scourge (such as asking Korebelus to pleasure him), and eventually the entire scourge team grew tired of it - but they couldn't possibly defeat him! So they did the next best thing, they bought for Kael an expensive vacation package completely with airplane ticket to luxurious Hawaii - Kael accepted the present with joyous ignorance. Little did he know the Scourge had something planned for Kael while in flight - they planned to kill him. But not through blowing up the plane with plastic explosives or shooting it down with a good fingering from Lion - no they had to come up with a method that couldn't possibly fail. So they filled the plane with some 500 snakes which are all very hostile and angry. And if Kael had one weakness, it's snakes...on a plane...Will Kael survive? Will Kael defeat the snakes? Will Kael become tired of these mother ****ing snakes, on this mother ****ing plane?

    12. So hot it hurts! - Fanadin, the Firelord!

    Strong, powerful, effectively, agile, lithe, sexy, lovable, affectionate, passionate, and muscular all these words can only describe one hero - Void Demon. Unfortunately, we're going to explore the history of the Firelord, and, unlike the powerful Void Demon, this guy was nearly the exact opposite of the powerful Scourge monster. Frail, weak, ineffective, sluggish, awkward, sexless, revolting, unsocialble, passionless, and flabby, the Firelord, like a cheap Vegas whore, spent more time being knocked onto his back and, where the Vegas whore would at least be paid for sucking, Fanadin normally even had to cough up 100 gold for his services (feeding) to, sometimes, even the lowilest ghoul/skeletal orc or necromancer/void walker. Like a Crystal Maiden with a crapier ultimate, no slow, and a shorter stun, Fanadin's name was essentially just another word for leaver.

    Fanadin can essentially be thought of as an ogre magi without multi-cast, bloodlust, and impressive strength gain. Flameshot, while an excellent nuke, was never enough to do much else back in the day when death-ward Stealth Assassins, perma-wolf lycans, and Void demons rampaged the map. It's short stun, 1.5 seconds, isn't enough to synergize with anything else in Fanadin's spellbook. Had it been longer (perhaps 2.5 seconds) an okay Fanadin player might be able to combo this with Fanadin's ultimate, the flame circle - which essentially creates a very large AOE ladder-styled flamestrike with Fanadin at the center - and net a kill...but since Flameshot's duration is merely 1.5 seconds and the Flame Circle casting animation is just as lengthy as its ladder counterpart (first the green emblem appears on the ground, a ding sounds, and then, after the eternity, the flames arise), only the must idiotic n00bs will stay to roast himself in the fire. However, it should be noted that, in certain versions, Fanadin's ultimate was bugged to instantly do a ridiculously 57,210 damage per second on contact - this was apparently too overpowered and thus quickly nerf to what the skill description says it would do. What about liquid flame? - one might point out - well, what about it? Having played with today's ogre magi, one might be expecting a mighty slow which reduces movespeed by some ridiculous 40% or so, but no. Fanadin's skill only reduced movespeed by a (correct me if I'm wrong) lowly 5 - not even 5% - coupled with the fact that, in those days, heroes had skills which pumped movespeed by as much as 45%, coupled with its piss-small AOE, liquid fire was the epitome of useless. Finally, there's Rain of Fire, which is an excellent tower-pushing and creeping skill - though it does little against heroes - it is very similar to its ladder counterpart used by Pitlords.
    Needless to say, Fanadin was unceremonious hauled out by his ass and thrown out of the DotA world at the dawn of recipe based items - he was simply too weak and pathetic to be redone.

    13. Touch me not, I'm chaste! Purist Thunderwrath, the Omniknight!

    Hailing from the holy caste of the Paladins of Azeroth, Purist Thunderwrath represents the epitome of holiness one can ever achieve. Born to a wealthy and well-loved family in the Azeroth aristrocracy, Purist was respected by boys, admired by girls, esteemed by men, and doted upon by women. Life was easy for the boy, and he grew up in splendid decadence. Yet, how did such a spoiled dashing handsome young man resist temptation of sin and become such a force of holiness and purity? No one knows for sure why he turned away from his life of women and sex to one infested with soggy old men. Perhaps it's simply his life's calling; but one thing is for sure - Purist is good at what he does.

    That's right, the original Purist Thunderwrath had 2 ultimates - Guardian Angel and Holy Blade. It should be noted, however, the old Guardian Angel didn't grant Purist the ridiculous 1000 armor the current one grants, instead, it added a mere 35 armor to all Sentinel heroes at level 6 (armor boost obviously increases with further leveling). Holy Blade, however, is significantly more interesting. Purist starts out with a lowly melee 150 attack range, and, with the first level of Holy Blade, it is boosted to 550. At max level, Purist's range becomes a noxious 750 - the longest in the game at that time - allowing him the ability to beat down towers outside their range. Coupled with his old Purification, which work like a very powerful flask, Purist was able to hold a lane indefinitely against nearly very scourge hero (except Void Demon). Finally, comes old Purist's Weaken Aura - because it merely lowers aura by 3 at max level, it was quite thoroughly useless.
    In later versions, Holy Blade and Weaken Aura were both thrown out the window - and for good reason since both were rather mediocre. In their place Repel (as we know and love today), Degen Aura (much stronger than today's), and (temporarily replacing Guardian Angel) Divine Retribution were introduced. Perhaps one of the strongest skills ever, Divine Retribution activated whenever an ally dies within 1000 range of Omniknight. And, like a Schwarzenegger movie where the bad guy kidnaps/kills Arnold's family/daughter, Purist becomes near invincible. 75 armor coupled with 225% extra damage allows the Omniknight to slowly edge toward and destroy the Scourge Frozen Throne firing, with one hand, an extremely heavy 50 calibur machine gun despite millions of minions and heroes shooting everything they have at him - nothing stops him until the timer runs out. For obvious reasons, Divine Retribution was replaced by Guardian Angel. It should be noted that during certain pre-Repel post-Holy Blade versions of Omniknight, Guardian Angel became a normal skill which periodically activated for a few split seconds and granting everything Sentinel very temporary invincibility - this was rather useless due to its unpredictability. Thus we have today's Purist, a fairly excellent hero, but nowhere close to his former power.

    14. Another carelessly put together hero - Battlemaster!

    Long before Rexxar took up his axes and blasted through the Scourge ranks with a pig by his side and a hawk in the sky, there was Gondor, the battlemaster (not to be confused with Gondor the Bounty Hunter). As his name so succinctly pointed out, Gondor excelled on the battlefield. Fast, strong, and commanding, Gondor was, essentially, the lesser Void Demon. Although stunless, Gondor was the master of the push, the chase, and the farm with roar, splash, and fervor.

    Battlemaster's first skill, a rather lovely roar, gave everything surrounding him a distinct damage and armor advantage, often allowing the otherwise halpless huntresses and dryads to push down a tower. Coupled with Battleluster and Fervor, the battlemaster was easily able to farm up massive quantities of gold to purchase Godly items such as the Sacred Relic. Interestingly enough, Gondor's ultimate, akin to today's Soul Keepers, transformed the hero into a large winged demon - okay for certain circumstances, but otherwise generally not great. Aside from Fervor, which granted the Battlemaster a ridiculous 30% movespeed bonus, there seems to be little in ways of imba on the hero, yet...why was he removed?
    The answer is simple. Gondor was never removed - only changed. It all started thirteen years before the first clash of Sentinel and Scourge; Gondor, then, was nothing but a wanderer than - a strange outcase who lived his days with bears and pigs and other magnificent wild creatures. Gondor was happy then, after all, animals, burly, strong, and hostile as they might sometimes be, never lied, cheat, stole, or betrayed; and once their respect and loyalty was earned, Gondor knew he could trust them. Thus everyday, Gondor lived in the wild, hunting, sleeping, and so on. But one day, as he perched atop his favorite hunting cliff to observe the location of prey, he couldn't help but see, through the shrubbery and bush, a most interesting animal - one he had never before seen.
    Her skin was a fairest creamy white tinged with girlish pink. Her hair long, brown, and silky wafted in the morning wind as she stood oblivious in the forest beneath Gondor's cliff. The wind carried her scent, a fragrance of Elven Aspenblossoms and womanilness, immediately intoxicated Gondor, sending his senses aflame, his heart to his throat, and his pants to suddenly become painful. Without missing a beat, Gondor, like he had a million times before, dove off the cliff, swinging on branch after branch toward this most delicious prey - this lithe and beautiful girl. But when he flew down to where he had last seen her, she was gone, vanished into the channeling winds, teleported away to some distant land...leaving behind only one token or her visit - a handkerchief of Silvermoon design...labeled with the name Celeste.
    Years later, when the Sentinel - Scourge wars erupted and Gondor was dragged in onto the Sentinel side, Gondor discovered, to his most dazzled surprise, the same Elven girl he had once, a long time ago, seen in the forests of his own tending to the hurt and sick. And Gondor wanted her, he wanted her like a dog wanted a piece of turkey to throw down onto the ground and ravage...but so did Link Inverse, the Slayer. And both men fought each other for the girl almost as fiercely as the Sentinel fought the Scourge, often employing such tactics as backstabbing, team-killing, and the ever popular item-stealing - often doing these things until all their aliies called them "you goddamn fags, GTFO" or "OMFG, teal's TK-ing again!" and "I'm ****ing banning your bitch-ass!" But all of this was to no avail; Celeste found her powers in purity and chastity, and the only way she'd ever get on her back for a man is if she has less than 375 hp and Lion just fingered her.
    And so when the day came that Icefrog/Guinsoo/whoever came and took Celeste's life, Gondor sought to overcome his agony by returning to his animals...but, as he discovered to his great chagrin, no bear, porcupine, or pig could satisfy him matter what he tried - he wanted Celeste. Thus, upon returning to the Sentinel camp, Gondor blamed it all on Link - that slimy pervert who always woke up with a dirty stain on his pants and then squeezed into Gondor's morning coffee - and threatened to avenge Celeste's death upon Link...but Link ignored him, he was far too absorbed in his own Simple Plan and Confessions over the Dashboard. Furious, Gondor morphed into a massive demon and launched the first attack upon Link, and Link, deriving power from emo-ness, blasted back with a fierce burst of dragon flame. In the end, Gondor, defeated and deformed by fire, retreated back into his forest to nurse his wounds and relearn his skills - eventually becoming the Sentinel's ugliest assassin ever; and Link, on the other hand, retreated back to his cavern of emo to cry over Celeste.

    15. Nature's Opus Magnum! the Morphling!

    Hailing from the twisting and churning waters of the maelstrom oceans, the Morphling fights with the awesome wrath of liquid nature at his side. Shifty, watery, and insubstantial, the mighty morphling was able to maniuplate the vagaries of his own body to suit the circumstance. Coupled with a repitore of incredibly potent spells, the Morphling was truly an awesome force to behold on the battlefield.

    Morphling's first skill is a standard AOE nuke similar in very way to Death Prophet's carrion swarm - save for the extra 25 damage. In these two olden versions of the morphling, this skill did not move the morphling - as it did in a more recent version. Next, Morphling's blink, easy, low-cooldown, and useful, this made killing the elusive morphling a difficult task. Coupled with his next skill morph, the morphling was easily able to even escape the most elite Venomancer and other such poison-reliant heroes. Next, is the morphling's seemingly innocent attribute bonus - why, you may ask, would you, oh honorable and most beloved Fox who is far superior to CNN, place such an ordinary thing into the morphling's spell compliation? Look closer, and you'll see it. That's right, morphling recieves three to stat bonuses instead of two - something that, coupled with morph, easily allowed him to accumlate massive damage or staggering HP. In total, the old Morphlings had 30 + 75 + 50 + 19 + 19 = 193 to shift between strength and agility; needless to say, this was extremely powerful. Finally, there's the matter of Morphling's ultimate. When Morphling was first introduced, the average player would read the description for Undercover and scratch his head in abject confusion - what does this do? - but when they reach level six, this becomes abundantly clear. Undercover completely transforms the morphling into a targetted enemy hero (range is global) - everything that was morphling is now the enemy hero. Not only are the Morphling's inventory, character model, skill sets, stats, and alliance changed, even the screenname of the Morphling player is changed into that of the target hero - that's right, there would be two, for example, i_pwn_n00bs in one game. While the actual game-ending usefulness of Undercover is easily questionable, it's power to elicit confusion is not lost on anyone. More than often, the undercover morphling, under the guise of a target hero, would spam the chat channels with flagrantly disgusting messages ranging from, "I'm a stupid faggot," to "I just eat a sack of my dog's shit" to other things so ridiculously vulgar and sick that they bear no mentioning to completely discredit the halpless targeted player to his teammates. Although undercover was originally designed to set up a backstab, it's actual use was often much more creative. Needless to say, this spell was removed...but it was only to be replaced by an even more 1mb4 one - Spellsteal. When activated, Spellsteal will give morphling the first spell cast around him in a 700 AOE; the stolen spell stays with Morphling until he reactivates Spellsteal and highjacks another spell. A common exploit was to steal Flask of Sapphire Water - this translated into a 0 mana, 0 cooldown 400 hp heal spell that could easily be spammed - but more than often players went for even more dangerous spells (such as ultimates) with this powerhouse spell. When coupled with Rhasta, the Scourge would soon seen 4 sets of 12 serpent wards knocking down their towers and barracks from all sides. When coupled with Crystal Maiden, waves after waves of 10k per-second Frost sheilds will soon pound down entire rows of halpless heroes. When coupled with Chen, every single creep on all three lanes and camping in neutral zones can be taken and focused in one lane for an unstoppable push straight through all towers, heroes, and even the firebush. Needless to say, Morphling was quickly nerfed into the Adapt-based morph to prevent other serious abuse.

    16. For the Horde!! Chen the Holy Knight

    Hailing from China, Chen commands at his side the full wrath of the quantity. Having formerly traded his voice box with a Pandaren Brewmaster, Chen strides to the battlefield with all shorts of creep at his side and hammers in his bag. Unless the Scourge team happens to have a handy Tormented Soul on their side, Chen was absolutely unstoppable.

    Looking at Chen's normal skills - Stormbolt, Critical Strike, and Spiked Carapace - one might easily confuse him for another Leoric, or Sven, or Nessaj...and they're right. Chen, back in the old days, was a strength-based 600 range hero with amazing skills and could easily be transformed into a powerful tank. But unlike Leo, Sven, or Nessaj, Chen doesn't suffer from earlier game pitifulness due to his 600 range and kick-ass stormbolt. Chen's old ultimates, Purge the Blight - a weaker version of Tormented Soul's Pulse Nova - and Starfall - also found in DotA's GOD and ladder's Priestess of the Moon - were mediocre ultimates that were often given a careless "meh." But, after thirteen shots of illicit drugs and alcohol, the old master of DotA (Guinsoo? Icefrog? I dunno) gave Chen an ultimate so evil it struck fear into the hearts of even the undead Scourge. Uncapped, untamed, and unrestricted, Holy Persuasion acted like Ladder Dark Ranger's Charm...only Chen was significantly more charming and was able to whore out 4-12 new guys at once. Despite the fact Chen is supposed to be the "Holy Knight" this skill alone was so evil, it made punching pregnant women in the stomach with baby kittens after having just committed homosexual incest with your father look like squaredancing. Once this monster hits level six, it's time to start dominating creep - be it scourge or neutral - and in a matter of six to ten minutes a decent Chen player would've acquired a massive army of well over thirty six units, and if creepblocking is used, an orgy of treants, druids, Centaur Khans, Kobolds, etc. can easily be massed. Coupled with a decent Conjurer and an okay Silencer (who could easily creepblock the two other lanes with Chen's help) the Scourge heroes soon find themselves cut off from their supply of treant delivered gold and experience. The minutes tick by and a nervous sweat soon begins to form on the brow of the nervous Scourge - those Sentinels are forging an army in all three lanes that will soon prove unstoppable. And before they know what hit them, the Scourge soon finds themselves overrun with mind-blogglingly large numbers of Sentinel units - GGNORE. Soon, Chen's popularity with the Sentinel shot through the roof - he was just so orgasmically powerful! Sentinel heroes, ranging from the beautiful Celeste of Silvermoon to the fiery hot Lina Inverse to the dark and emo Drow Ranger were often seen fighting bravely at his side in the day and sweating pantingly on their backside late in the night. Chen was officially too powerful. The solution? NERF! One night, when Chen was practicing the ancient Chinese art of Scourge ass-raping, IceFrog descended from the skies and simply whisked Chen off - he magically disappeared at the onset of 6.xx. Placating the general masses with eye-catching heroes such as Razzle, Gambler, and Invoker, IceFrog immediately went to work decreasing Chen's creep-dominating prowess, fighting ability, stun ability, and even penis size. And so when Chen returned in 6.2x, he, though still powerful, was only a shadow of his former self. Oh well. Also, in an significantly older version of DotA when Chen used the hero-knight (forget his name) icon, Chen had an ultimate which, when cast on an allied hero, revived him/her upon his/her death. The cooldown for the spell was 10, 8, then 6 minutes, certainly powerful, but not truly imba.

    17. DotA's most 1mb4 secret character - Dark Terminator!

    Found only in few versions of DotA Allstars 4.1x, the Dark Terminator was truly a magnificent power to behold. Lugging around with him a large 50 calibur machine gun complete with uranium depleted shells at a time when other heroes merely shot arrows or swung with clubs (I'm looking at you, Faceless), this Terran Marine was centuries ahead of DotA's time. Strong, fast, chaos-damage-equipped, and a strength hero to boot, the Marine was not only the epitome of the Clinkz-style quick-kill assassin but also the centaur/leo-styled indestructable tank. Interestingly enough, this hero can only be accessed through -random/-repick since his icon is not in any existent tavern.

    Talk about ass-rape! The Dark Terminator's first skill - an extremely beefy drunken brawler - not only gives him a ridiculous 30% evasion (higher than all other evasion-granting skills) but also a mind-bogglingly large 6x critical! Coupled with the massive chaos damage and 3 per level strength gain, this insane marine was easily able to dish out 600 damage per hit by level 7 or 8. Synergizing with Wind Walk and a free 60 second global (yes, global) blink, the Marine was easily able to surprise, attack, jump, and kill any hero anywhere any way and make it out without so much as a scratch. At level six, the marine gains reincarnation making him officially impossible to kill unless he is ganked in a 5v1 situation with mass stunners/silencers, and even then the ganking team can well expect to lose three to all five of their heroes to bring down the Dark Terminator. At level 10, the marine adds insult to injury with his level 10 super-ultimate - a conjure image skill which the creator of which decided needed no decent name. Doing not only 100% base damage, the image marine also factored in the "green numbers" - very powerful. Needless to say, this marine, dark and terminating as he may be, stood no chance against IceFrog/Guinsoo once he sobered up and realized what he had done. In the next version, 6.2x, the marine was promptly and rightly removed.

    18.Slithice, the Naga Assassin
    Now, we all know the story of Ariel the Little Mermaid (click the link if you don't, but I do warn you, it might be offensive depending upon how much sand you have in your vagina) who wanted nothing more than to have a pair of legs so that she could spread them, but Ariel also had an older, less renown, sister: Slithice. Now, unlike Ariel who wound up betraying her father for a vagina, Slithice was more cool-headed and restrained. And at an young age, she left the seas to hon her stills as a mighty assassin the cleave the darkness and purify her seas from evil.

    Unfortunately, Slithice fails and ends up being another lazily put together WTF useless hero of "-repick." Although you're not pitiful, you do, after all, block 50% of all range attacks, it is very difficult for this woman to become a good assassin. Approach a victim with three images, and he will run, blinking into him will make it only too obvious which image is real, and blinking in and then creating images will take way too much time. Consequently, Slithice falls into the tank/pusher catagory...but then, this was the age of heroes like the Death Ward SA and the ass-raping Night Stalker...For obvious reasons, IceFrog (or whatever) redid Slithice by giving her net and the song instead of blink and parry - a much need buff.

    If you find some more please post here, hope this gonna be intresting for you.
    original source at

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    Just watch the game, first 15 minutes... Zeus knows everyrhing. Whole game he was blinking exact spot where we were. Btw he is TR.
    Btw he is TR.
    posted by Dota94

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    Nice, i remember gambler. I also remember that venomancer was imba too. 1st+ulti = dead 100% (ulti could kill then- it has been removed in early 6.xx)

    InGame acc: Vladimir

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    Dark terminator. : )
    "I'll make him an offer he can't refuse..."

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    wooow ;D
    interesting heroes
    old ezalor was ZOMFG , current one is badass early and mid game if u know how to play him

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    Void demon and his Mass Ha(s)te of gg
    Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.

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    old niax best, np

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    Yes, I jest not. Slayer USE TO BE A MAN!! How did this happen?

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    Wahah i prefer the new slayer tbh
    Nice thread rly, me was veri stronk with old chen!

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    Sli4ice best.

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    It was really more wtf than stfu
    I got 5.84 or something like that and I played with riki vs computers it was really imba 15% 3x crit blink invisible at 15 lvl and ward at 21 lvl which wasnt chineling like now !

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    What would it be Lina's name before.... she changed sex? xD
    good thread

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    old faceless void was the imbaest hero ever.. with world stop and refresher... 10 sec freeze the enemies... gg no re

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    TP used to cost 500g on the older versions, and it would make you invulnerable while casting, just like in PG. Talking about imbalances...

    PS: On 5.36, if you wanted to make Guinsoo (4 sec hex, 7-8 sec cd xD )... the total price would reach 11.5k
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    the worst imbalance is having retards in team

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    Quote Originally Posted by ss-darky View Post
    the worst imbalance is having retards in team JOKER SHADOWFIEND
    Victory needs no explanation, defeat allows none.

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