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Thread: Loading abuse RULES - How to report it!

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    Loading abuse RULES - How to report it!

    Loading abuse ... ? What is it ... ?

    A way of avoiding a game, which is about to start. ( An user who doesn't " load " the game. )

    How to report it ... ?

    You need the replay of a game ( Located in Warcraft III\Replays\ folder - Lasteplay.w3g file. ) and a ScreenShot showing which player didn't " load " the game.

    Then, attach those files in this section.

    Ok, ... What should I write ?

    Well, ... Here's an example ... :

    ( Thread name ... : Account name - Loading abuser. )

    - eXodus - Loading abuser.

    Ok. I've made it. What happens now ... ?

    Be patient, ... A " Hacks " Moderator will take care of it, decide if someone avoided the game or not. ( Of course, other users may post their opinions. It's not forbidden. )

    And, what are the punishments ... ?

    - Clear case ... - User will be "noted". ( If he was already " noted " before, user will have his account ladder banned. )

    - Clear case for users with more then 250 games can be "noted" 2 times, without getting account ladder banned. When he is reported 3rd time, he will have his account ladder banned.

    Notes ... :

    - Noted status for 'Loading Abuse' expire after 6 months.

    - You may NOT report " Custom Game ... " cases.

    - An user who needs to be noted for Loading abuse and has " different " " noted " status ( Not a Loading abuse " Note ". - " Noted " status for DiscHack-ing, MapHack-ing or other different cases. ) won't be banned.

    - In the thread's name , or the thread comment , abstain yourselves from swearing/insulting or any other childish behavior. We know you may be mad , but think twice before you type and press enter.

    * Reporting sample:

    *** IMPORTANT ~ READ ***

    Since we realised that many of you, when reporting someone are missing replays, we strongly recommend that you have 'AutoSave' option ON.
    When you mark this option, after every game you will have replays stored in the following folder(standard):
    C:\Program Files\Warcraft III\Replay\Autosave\Multiplayer
    Replay name contains the date when game was played, so when you are searching for a replay, just check what date is in the replays name.

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