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Thread: Share ur thoughts,feelings,moments on xpam!

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    Hmm... I started wc3 in 2003 and I was playing vs comp only, till I found some pvpgn servers, in the end of 2003 I found xpam, and I was kinda "waow nice server!!!" Cuz the other pvpgn servers were boring to death. Then I started to play undead(cuz i was watching a lot of madfrog's replays) and so I met some friends like satanus to start some training session cuz I had no warcraft 3 teacher...

    Then I brought orig cds cuz I was having some lag problems on xpam, simply cuz my country was kinda far from the server, so i started to play on lordaeron for 6 months, and I got some skills, then back to xpam on nick "JustATrainAcc" and reached level 30(after I sold it with some1 for another cd key) that I sold myself for 18 euros... The guy completely raped my acc =). And changed my pass...Ofc. So I decided to change connection and go play on north! This times I started to play seriously and reached level 30 with 58% win. So I came back to xpam again and played like 24 games with each races, cuz I was going some highest peon challenge with goxx another friend. But each times I was falling on laggers (that i could hardly won) of discers. When i had 1 loss with orc I got angry and said next times I'll come on xpam even if I have 10 sec delay I will win xD. Then I cr8ted another account on north that I played like a mad, nearly 15 hours per day, I stopped sport ect... I had level 49 with 65% of win. I really improved my gaming (different strats on maps, micro, macro apm, multi-task) and i was playing orc, many says orc are underpowered but not for me, I even won my favorite player (madfrog"aka terraniboy" but playing human) with this race, I had like 300-380 apm).

    But now time has changed cuz now I work, I have too much gfs :s omg I'm in a big trouble... And I am focusing myself on Karate, hoping I become the number 1 of my country... My comp network card got fucked while I depatched to 1.20c so Im stuck on that patch until I change my card, many guys in my country can own me now cuz even my apm slowed up to 150-200. And i can hardly focus and scout when, and where like I used to do, and I also forget some important stuffs... I'm back only on xpam's forum for some nice and funny moments Farewell to all players

    This was my history!

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    u dont know me, i dont know u..but nice heres mine

    i was several years old...when one day i went with friends in pc playground...
    first thing i saw, duke3d and war2....duke sux but war2 was amazing...i didnt played it..never had money and shit...but i came there to watch it..
    i collected little soldiers and player war2 with real toys with friends.....
    then one day i started to playing war2.......then came starcraft very soon...
    then i started to play very often with friends...few years after i got to tournaments...i used to train football, rowing...i have medals and shit...
    but starcraft tournament was something special and much much better than sports...just cuz of team game...and stratiegies...
    then we stoped playing....then came along war3....then old friends came toghether...but that was not it i was moving out of my city in the same time, so i never really played war3 much....i was not getting that was it..war3 forgotten..
    after few years, i saw one of my old friends, we talked about starcraft...then war3...then he mentioned eurobattle net........i was really thrilled bout the idea cuz at the time i didnt know pirate servers could be with lots of players around the world....i thought it was only some private srvers with friends or clans...
    so i started playing with friends my micro again...still my friends left server pretty fast i stayed and got into clan FAM..a family....
    oh people were nice...chief of clan [FAM]Atshooo really knew how to pick members...
    fun every problems...just fun....and every one of them is Pro so there was easy to play with them...
    and i wont forget that clan....cuz there was poeple from all around the world and we were never fighting wtih each other...only understanding and peace...
    but they didnt play dota....
    but then i got in army...stoped playing war3 for 6 months....when i came back, i played only dota so i wasnt with my clan account, and now i play here and then...every week, when i got the time....i got job and dont have times for all thoose lousy pub games.....
    waiting for DotaRank, hopeing to improve Dota playing alot...
    well...not like other stories...but story of my life and blizzard....
    then only game installed on my computer for years...war3...

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    Ok here Goes My sotry

    First i started to play wc3 in the end of 2004 ... In my neightbour i had a lot of friends and one day they started to play DotA ... They wanted to teach me too but i didn't want to i was playing LOTR ... so i day i just tryed dota and i picked hmm if i remember SandKing and my friend was with Lina ... He beated me cuse i was noob after few days i bought wc3 and i installed it in my PC and i was playing 24h DotA it made me crazy ... as i was going to an internet caffe to play with my friends DotA there was _Spartan_ (No_Name_15)if you know him and [ds]x (pro dota player) this 2 friends of mine were playing on Xpam so i thought it will be cool if i join them too ... so i asked my dad for and internet conn and he aggred with me.First i couldn't make XPam it was Hard for i asked X he explained me somethink but still i couldn't do it so No_Name_15 came to my house.My First acc there was Damix and i was playing dota a Lot.After this my cousin -ImF-DrizzT was 24h on my house playing DotA and after all this he had an internet conn to at his house so we could play together ...I meet a lot of friends and No_Name_15 was teaching me PG i was i remember when we played i always was Elf and he Orc.He PWNED me in 5 min with FS-wolves and grunts . After all this i started Playing PG for an icon Random ICON my stats were smth like 25:50 dunno so i moved to ggc.I was watching a lot of replays and playing like crazy so after some months i came to Xpam again and when i saw where i am my stats were smth like 100:20 but i started DotA again cuse of that ImF but nvm i switched it to PG again and i think im Sick of dota anymore... My Story SouL.DrizzT

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    I was bored as usual and started reading this thread cuz it loked like spam free .... Nice thread now i actually see how u people are all together here and know each other very well... Thats certainly not a little thing to forget or quit easy... Anyway nice storys .. Mby in a year or two i write mine here when someone would be interested to read it .... hf gl

    Quote Originally Posted by Tito View Post
    No, no, no ...
    A guy from Macedonia ... mby someone knows him
    Called " Tomerulez
    i accidentaly found this one..... lol i know him ... what about him ? lol i have him on msn... u rly wanna say he did it ?

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    i think i told ya how i joined ... 2 lazy to check this thred so .. in 2 words - they told me bout this free w3 serv 3 years ago and i started playin and postin in forum. about year or a bit more ago i got bored and started checkin forum once a month recently i was inactive for half an year or more but i think im finally back to this forum cuz i miss some ppl

    Sava Nikolov Kolev's story (thats me )
    it all started in ...the end of 2005 i think as a fr told me about this server for w3. i didnt start posting and visiting the forum from the begining but made an acc in february (as u can c from my profile). ive been playing for months but now im inactive from .. dunno actually 3-4 months. i just lost interest in the game and now i play WoW. i think im loosing interest in this game cuz the server is free so there are many bugs, player limit for less lag and freezes.

    i rly like this place and dunno if im ever gonna leave the forum.
    reading my first posts i realise how much i've changed myself since feb 2006 - changed for good mby. i like the ppl here, i have a few friends and mby i will visit them when i get 18 and a driving license.
    a thing i regret doing - offending {BIH}Sorlag long time ago. rly stupid from me :@
    something i wanna ask - WHERE IS FIREZZZZ??? did he leave, do u have any idea whats up with him?

    my post sound nearly the same as the "what do u think about the others" thread but nvm. a nice theme.

    to all of you - be yourselves, be happy, be sexy and clever - this is what the others around u like

    EDIT (pasted the extract above) : lol wasnt it 3 years since i began w3 ??? time's moving slowly for me
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    Unhappy omg

    I hate OFF TOPIC... Probably bcz I am new member here, and all these topics are old (I'm not ''In''). I bought my PC March 2004. Yes I remember that date... I have very good memory, even I suck so much. I was addicted before I bought PC. I was playing games on PS1. I was so excited to have my own PC . I started to play all good rated games. Mostly FPS, TPS and RPG. Two of my class mates were playing strategies including wc3. They were so addicted. They were discussing about it whole fcking day. So I started to play. Since I live in a fcking village with population of 600 ppl (to be even worse, village is on the island ffs) I didn't have any internet connection. I was attending high school in nearby city called Zadar (10km distance) There was internet cafe in which we were playing after school. I used to play DotA in LAN. At home I played campaigns. I passed the game few times. Back than I liked UD very much xD. I still do. I was ''in love'' with the story in campaigns. All those imba characters (Arthas, Khel-Thuzad, Mal-Ghanis, Ilidan, etc.). When I was bored I was playing vs. Comp. I started to play with humans. To be honest I was trying all races. but who cares. Since I don't like strategy games I quited with wc3. I played only DotA in LAN, with friends. I played almost every good PC game till now. Since I live in ''Only God knows where it is'' village, I got internet recently ( March, this year). I was so happy. I thought: Finally, my dream came true. My friends were playing on a year before I started . So there was a lot to redeem for me (Skill, knowledge, about game ofc). So, I got internet and I started to play DotA games. I was spending my time in channel ''cro'' with my classmates xD. Soon I gained more friends who were DotA players like me. I was playing DotA 15 days, 10 hours a day. After April the first and joke about 6.50 dota i got bored, so I started to play PG. First game I played was on LT vs owerpowered . But I was big n00b. I managed to persuade that guy not to attack me. We agreed to meet in the mid xD. I was playing random (got humans) and he was orc xD. I lost ofc. Next 15 days I played few DotA and few PG games a day. I made 48-35 stats and I was lvl 13. Big achievement ha=? Soon I fell on lvl 12. (n00b)
    I encountered few hackers that time, but I thought ''It is just another game bug'' Meanwhile I read all F.A.Q. and Technical Support threads on forum, and I realized that hacks exists. I don't like when someone is fcking with me that way, so I wanted to end that. My account Kominterna was created by my friend in order to play DotA on Bnet in internet cafe, so I didn't know user name nor password to login on forum and report mother fuckers. So i had to cr8 new account (MoLaG_BaL, forum nick: Kominterna). I stop to play DotA same day I registered on forum. I continued to play PG on Kominterna account. Since I read all F.A.Q. I didn't have any problems with reporting cheaters. I reported many of them so far. I knew rules almost perfectly (still do xD). I left famous channel ''cro'' and I was spending my time in w3. One night, someone whispered me: ''Wanna join clan?'', ''Play a game vs me so that I can see how good you are''. I said yes. We played 3 games. I lost all ofc, I was nab (Still am). Even I lost he invited me in one of the best Cro PG clan that time ''Cro Ladder Team'' cLt. I was so happy. Soon, their chief Help, went in OvP and few days after Clan was disbanned. That guy who invited me in cLt is now my best friend on XPam We played a lot of cg games (mostly UD mirrors). BTW he is LcF aka mestar. (imba UD player). I never won a game vs him. I said that i liked UD from wc3 campaigns and that is reason why I was playing PG with UD. But as time passed by and as I played more and more games I realized that the best race I'm playing with is NE. Now I play only with elves. Weak race, but very powerful in right hands xD. LcF introduced me with Placebo. who is chief in nVp clan, and we played cg (UD mirror) which I lost ofc. (lack of micro). Placebo invited me into nVp and gave me peon rank, hahahaha (that was on May) I am member ever since. A month later, I asked Placebo for cg since I was bored. We played 2 games, UD mirror (first game on EI, second game on TR). I won both games. He said: ''hmm... you played a lot of games'' (~400 that time) and he gave me grunt rank xD. Soon I became friend with almost every clan member, and I met a lot more friends. As time passed by, I played more and more games, become better player (like we all did). Since I suck so muck, and I am the most active clan member I became shaman in nVp. Now All i need is to get ch op for our clan channel and gg. I am not so ambitious to me mod/admin. (even I spam too much in hacks forum) I like to help ppl but only for those who will appreciate my help... But somehow I feel sad... few my friends left XPam or stop playing wc3 at all. I have a lot of responsibilities and obligations in life as we all do, and that means less time for playing and company. I think that my ''story'' sucks. why? coz I sucks too.

    But, clan nVp is good clan. I was invited when I was real noob.
    Placebo. invited me, gave me a chance. A chance to belong somewhere. To be someone. Thx Stevane xD
    Isn't that smth we all want=???
    To be part or smth, to belong somewhere, to be someone, to be famous, known=???
    But for one I am sure. ppl get bored of everything...
    I mean, what to do when you get all you want??
    And what is exactly that we want in our lives...

    Ok sorry, I took few Pills more than I should
    I go suck somewhere else...
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    lol imba story mate

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    nice story but i disagree only with one thing ... ppl CANT get bored of some things .... weed, alcohol and pussy ofc ...

    btw u should write a novel

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kominterna View Post
    I request forum ban for this guy.
    Ban him now or you will have to ban me when I say what I have to say!!!
    Sorry for spam...
    He was banned 5-6 times already, so don't bother. He won't resist for long.

    Story is nice somehow, but quite boring. You realy play too much. I see you criing when they accepted you in the clan.
    I quite understand you, that with internet connection problem. I live in a village too (1000 people O_o) and I had a dieal up connection ( bytes7/s looooool) up to year 2004.

    The only reason that I play on Xpam, looks like this: It was the beginning of the school, we were talking about games, and friend of mine MENTIONED that he plays w3. I started to play-but I didn't know for Xpam (lol, eurobattle was my first forum I have ever registered!!!). My cousin told me for the server and now I am playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by klemen View Post
    He was banned 5-6 times already, so don't bother. He won't resist for long.
    I hope he will be banned again, somehow I'm sustaining myself from flaming him...

    Quote Originally Posted by klemen View Post
    Story is nice somehow, but quite boring. You really play too much.
    Yea it is boring. Thats what I said too. Probably coz I don't have ''history'' here on Xpam. I'm new member xD
    LoL I really play too much. I wont even mention how much time I spent on playing Morrowind xD

    Quote Originally Posted by klemen View Post
    I quite understand you, that with internet connection problem. I live in a village too (1000 people O_o) and I had a dial up connection ( bytes7/s looooool) up to year 2004.
    Well at least you had some internet, unlike me
    But Even I am not some fun of wc3, I'm addict. I meet a lot of ppl on XPam,
    and now it is so hard to stop visiting BNet and this forum ofc
    Now I feel that I will never leave XPam (Only If I earn IP Ban xD)
    Only thing I can do is to reduce the time I'm spending here (BNet, forum).
    It's summer now and day is long, and it is hot outside, so what else to do xD
    I would play some single player game but my graphic card is bit rusty xD
    Quote Originally Posted by klemen View Post
    lol, was my first forum I have ever registered!!!.
    heh, that makes two of us

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    i Would like to Ask ppl who didnt Write thier story to start doing it , so we can revive this thread also it would be great if we started with te mods to give everybody a great push

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    Banned I'm here for some weeks and I already got banned...I'm such a jerk!

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    nice stories ...
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    I think most mods have already posted their story;P
    But if some are left to do so,they should,cmmon ppl

    Oh and i cleared up the thread,hope nobody disagrees i REALLY wanna keep this limited as much as possible to stories and few relevant comments only.
    So pls dont answer my post anyone,just go on with ur stories,all who wanna share.


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    5,734's my story.
    It all began about 2 years and couple of months ago.We had an internet caffe opened just near my home,so me and my friends visited every day,be4 school ( or even instead of going to school).
    1 day i saw 2 of my rl mates playing this weird game.I saw 1 black,tall demon and couple of bears that looked like screaming ( roar) and i saw this mountain of stone,enlightened and surroundedby flames( infernal).So i asked some1 what is that ? ;o
    He told me its a game called warcraft.I got surprised,cause i never saw it before,although i've heard about it,so i asked 1 of my friends to teach me how to play it.
    Well,he got the cds,came to my house and installed the game on my pc.Then,i couldn't wait playing it,so i asked him to teach me.He started by learning me how to bind my units and buildings.Took me about 1 hour to bind 1 group of army and 1 building,then another half an hour to decide what units and what heroes should i get.
    Ofc i pissed him off eventually,cause its rather boring to wait and teach a nab how to play a game which you think is not complicated.
    I remeber my first warcraft3 army looked like this: 1 warden,1 keeper of the grove and 1 demon hunter(the same demon i saw my friends playing with),couple of archers,couple of hunts and couple of glaive throwers.
    I was playing vs easy computer on a really,really big map ( Lost temple roc,if i'm not mistaken) so i had some time to develop my strategy and my attack plan.
    Of course,i got my ass kicked,but during that game i found out that i really enjoy this new kind of entertainment i just met
    After my friend thought me the basics of the game,he advised me to play some campaigns,in order to get further aknowledged with bindings and micro/macro skills.
    So i did...i was playing more then 30 games/day ( addict ftw),all day long...
    Few weeks later,after proudly bragging i defeated a medium computer(LOL),one of my friends,which brought wc3 in our raze of attention told me about a private server where i can play with other kids from different countries.
    'Lol,that's COOL' ( or someth like that) i said,and i asked him to get it done.
    And there it was,few days later...i was playing on Xpam.He made me (friend) a new account,my first one...
    It was called ( i picked the name) AllbrosW3.I was really noob,and i actually discovered i can pwn beat up some guys on it,but there were some which i couldn't play against(LOL?),cause i got 'you were disconnected' message.
    Ofc,being a noob has its disavantages,cause i didn't know about reporting hackers on forum.
    So i had newb stats playing with elf.Actually,they would of been even worse if my friends wouldn't have helped me play.
    I was used to spending about 5-6 hours on wc3,or just untill my friends called me and begged me to get out of my house...or not at all,cause there were times when i felt i have a good day and i just wanna win and get better.
    About 1-2 weeks(after playing about 200-250 games),i was lvl 19 on solo ladder.Heh,i was so proud to get that level,this being my first account and i was only playing it for about 1 month.So i met [Bos]Basior on pg ( :O), he was lvl 35 with alot more wins then losses and i was a lvl 19 newb struggling to get 55% stats.He kicked my ass,ofc,but ...be4 he can come to my base and destroy my buildings my internet connection went off(Rofl ?) so i was disconnected from the game.
    10 minutes later,after my net went back,i recieved a message from basior : ' i'm an admin and you hacked me bla bla bla ... i will ban you' or someth like that.
    I just thought he's some kind of noob ( since i didn't know what's an admin or who's an admin) and ignored him.Then,surprise,suprise a red message showed up while i was chatting on channel ' Ro ' with my friends : ' Your account has been locked by an admin'.
    I was like : ' ROOOOOOOOOOOOFLLLLLLLLLLLL ???' Wtf did i do ? : (((
    So i told my friend and he created me another account.Then i talked to Viper25 ( which was op on channel ro that time,if i'm not mistaken),told him what happend,got his msn address and few days later my account was unbanned,god knows how.
    Then,i got bored of loosing ( i was playing night elf ) and i asked my 'wc3 master' to teach me the basics of another race,cause i'm tired of playing elf.
    So he thought me how to play human.Heh,ofc,this main race change must come with an account change as well.
    So i made [Bone]_Crusher and started playing human.Damn...i just felt i was playing better.I had positive stats and i couldn't of felt better.
    After playing about 300 games on this account too i got it banned cause i learnt to plug the internet cable off,so i won't get loss ( mi hackz0r,lol ).
    Then,i stopped it and started playing this game rlly rlly seriously and i became better and better at it.
    Then,my known accounts followed.My friends know them,anyways
    About 1 year after i joined Xpam i saw 4N-Nooby and 4N-Davinchi on the channel.I these guys must be good.So i joined one of their games as an observer,after talking to another good player,a romanian one ([End]Lavinia). That was the first game i ever observed on Xpam. [End]Lavinia (Orc) + Ak4t0mylove (Ud) Vs. 4N-Nooby (Orc) + 4N-Davinchi ( Orc).And what a game it was....all 4 players had skills much higher then i had and i watched them silent,trying to learn and to improve.
    They motivated me to get better and,day by day,week by week,month by month,i had.
    You can't even imagine how happy i was when i first defeated 4N-Davinchi on solo ladder.( although he flamed me after,lol)
    About 1 year ago ( + - ) 2 of my friends and I decided to creat an account which would serve us as a shared one,and we wanted to be really misterious nad it should of had imba stats.
    So we made ' -..- ' . 100-10 stats,heh,that was great for us.
    Then i just took it for granted and started playing mass games on it,stopped caring about stats and my friends cursed me and let me have it
    And it still belongs to me even now ....
    Well,this is my story so far
    Hope i succeeded in reviving this thread.
    Regards ~~
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    Aff i promised I will tell my story one day.. So .. Here it goes....

    One snowy day on January 6th 1989 woman gave birth to a beautifull child... That child ....

    Oke let's fast forward 15 yrs to the future ok?

    It was about December 06' when I got my internet @ home.. I was playing Warcraft be4 and Dota too but only on LAN in ICaffe, so I was happy cuz finally i could play from home whenever I feel like.
    I already had an account so I started like usual and joined one Dota game..
    I played best I can althought its public ( I didn't know about private games back than ). After game one guy whisped me " Come to ss channel ". It was good thing cuz i knew how to respond to him so I did: /r What is that? And he told me that he liked my playing and called me to that private channel for good dota players.
    I remember he was from nO-Oh clan, can't remember his account

    So like all curious ppl I asked how to join and in couple of seconds I was in SS channel. There were many foreign ppl but that wasn't a problem to me cuz I speak English well enough to have a chit chat with them.. So litlle by little I got to know some players there and starting to play private games.
    Damn I was so proud cuz not every1 knew about that channel....
    And after one game I saw a message : [sdm]Gelu has invited u to join clan sdm. I didn't know what is that and how clan works but I accepted. I saw after than i got my clan tag and i was proud PEON of sdm clan...
    I got to know Caine there and Berg and Diablo and soon after that i created new account [sdm]pLavsHa and became Grunt ( old was pLavsHa, which is my nickname in real life cuz my surename is Plavshic ) Than I got to know many people and started visiting forum after I decided to play Dota for serious.. I was chating only on sdm clan forum and barely was visiting it...
    Than somehow i asked Pop90 how he got his " Social Drinker " thing.. And he said u need to have 1000 posts.. I was like WTF? I have only 25 or so... I mean how the fuck u got all that posts?
    So I found there are alot more threads and stuff arround forum. So I started to visit OFFTOPIC.. It was whole new world to me... I started visiting forum regulary but I wasn't quite a poster on OFFTOPIC.. Soon after that I got pissed off by imaginary and Mamamia ( Warchief, who still piss me off -.- ) cuz we had " Reputation Mafia " on our forum.. RMafia was all abuot reputation. We were giving non stop reputation to each other and negative to ppl we didn't liked... I remember i gave negative to Moon cuz he had alot of Green Bars with comment: U have enough . Of course cuz he was super mod back than he saw who gave him that rep and got mad I guess... So I decided to PM imaginary who was visiting sdm clan forum almost as I did and call him to join our RMafia.. It was a funny PM with bunch of smiley but he got offended and said that sdm is reign of spam and some other stuff... I was pissed cuz he offended my clan more than me and cuz he went will all that in public so ofc I responded... Than Warachief wanted to teach ME about manners and being polite.. I mean.. LOL ?! I knew he was younger than me and I said that tard like him can't teach me nothing I don't know..
    Moon didn't wanted that so he deleted my post but left imaginary's which pissed me off even more... Than our reputaiton was reseted and after got drunk one night I've decided to re-open it flaming everyone, even admins..
    Normaly when I woke up I saw i got 50 permanenr infraction points and that im banned on Forum for 2 montnhs, or 1.. That pissed me off even so I wanted to talk with Moon Serbian style ( with alot of flames :P ) but he wasn't online on forum.. I know I had XFIRE on MSN so I told him to say to Moon alot of bad stuff which I regret now, and he did it.... And after one game I remember Moon joined SS and I just saw: Your account has been locked by an admin. Guys who were with me didn't know whats happening... I asked Moon; U feel happy now? Does that turn u on? And he locked my other accounts and wanted to lock [sdm]NrG which is account of my friend..
    After that I decided to cr8 new account cuz ofc I wanted to play.. So I had one phrase in my head: Ma nek ide sve u kurac... Which on English means smtng like.. Ahh what the hell, all in dick. Smtng like that can't be really translated.. So I created new account -__kuRaC..__-.. It was pain in the ass until i added all those ppl to f list and talked to them who I am and why I got account locked and so.. After that I didn't wanted to return to sdm so i cr8ed my own clan and started having fun... I didn't know what is admin or mod or w/e but cuz I wasn't going to school i played like 15 Dota games per day or so...
    Sometimes I got bored and started spamming on w3 channel and I still do...
    I got safelisted on SS approved as good dota player but got bored of it...
    Now I seek thrill in some funny scenarios and in chating with non tarded ppl on w3....

    Im not regular on forum like I was be4 cuz one day I made 300 posts which really killed my will to get bigger post count...

    Anyway.... This is my story.. I mby forgot smtng but Im not writing a novel...

    This is totaly not me.. Such a huge post I mean WTF o_O
    Anyway if u have some questions ask me...

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