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Thread: Port forwarding client - beta

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    Port forwarding client - beta


    at last we've outdone ourselves and have succeeded in providing a new and great experience for all of us players of this old great game.

    After several weeks of hard work and research we are proud to present a beta client release with automatic port forwarding capability. This is especially meant for PG and CG players who can't port forward and want to manually host games or want to play classic ladder. This is an early release to get feedback from the players and receive bugs reports.

    The solution establishes a tunnel to an external server which exposes your game host port to the public and allows you to host.

    Until the final release you might experience some additional latency depending on your geo location and distance from the tunnel server. We are currently testing several different cloud providers around Europe to find the most suitable one. If the solution is well received we are also thinking about a multi node setup so each player could connect to the nearest gateway, improving the overall experience even more.

    Once everything is stable we will publish a final release, reset the PG ladder and organise some events to boost up the ladder activities.

    There are two solutions you can test right now:

    Option 1 - New GUI client by vio
    Includes full client and both games (patch 1.26 and 1.28). Client is still a very early release and will receive major updates until v1.

    It is recommended to select a different installation folder from the existing client so you don't roll over your working setup.

    1. Login with bnet account
    2. Start the 1.28 gateway

    Option 2 - patch for classic client
    This is an add on patch for the existing client.

    1. Unpack in folder and override all the files.
    2. Perform login on the dashboard (ss attachment 1)
    3. Select the "Use Port Forwarding Box" in Warcraft tab (ss attachment 2)

    When in game, find another player in channel or discord to queue for a Quick Game. Try to find a player who also can't port forward for a true test. If you don't get disconnected after loading screen that means mission is accomplished.

    If you don't plan to finish the test games, we suggest you use your secondary bnet account so you don't ruin your main stats.

    If you have the ability to port forward your router that is still be the best solution as far as gameplay experience goes. If you still want to help with testing, make sure to un-port forward your router first or you won't really be testing anything of value.

    Known limitations:
    - Windows SmartScreen and Antivirus can be hostile
    - Using auto port forwarding with GProxy is not compatible at the moment. This issue will be resolved at a later time.
    - Client side login is mandatory right now but could be removed in the future.

    To end things with a bang... we're preparing more things to release for everyone in this wonderful community!
    We're preparing a new website, modern and up to date to keep all of us interested!
    Keep in touch for further news! And stay safe and healthy.
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    Well done ! So proud to hear this, will test "Option 1" right now!
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    This is great!!! Now just wait players ))
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