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Thread: GProxy: Received the exit signal

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    Question GProxy: Received the exit signal

    Today I installed for the first time Eurobattle to play Dota (I have played some games in Rubattle before, but never in Eurobattle). I found this error:

    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] hiding console
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] starting winsock
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] setting process priority to "above normal"
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] RESTRICTED MODE ON
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] W3 exe: C:/Users/Adriano/Desktop/TS/Warcraft 3 NET/Eurobattle/1.26/Warcraft III 1.26/war3.exe
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GProxy will only allow joining bots with W3 enabled version.
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] MAJOR: 1
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] MINOR: 26
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] PATCH: 0
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] BUILD: 6401
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Server:
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] W3 path: C:/Users/Adriano/Desktop/TS/Warcraft 3 NET/Eurobattle/1.26/Warcraft III 1.26
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_ERROR] You can't run gproxy while Warcraft is running...
    [14-03-2020 19:56:31][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GPROXY EXITING

    Can you help me?

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    Check that war3.exe or any W3 process is not running with task manager. And try restarting your PC. Might also be a good idea to download our version of 1.26 in case rubattle has some differences.

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