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Thread: New to w3 ft - what should i do?

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    Question New to w3 ft - what should i do?

    Hello guys!

    I recently started to play Warcraft 3 FT (multiplayer games). I realized, that I even can’t win a single game, I saw that my opponents are really good, they knew many tactics and outplayed me really fast.
    If I am new to this game, went though all campaing scenarios, where and how should I start, to get my entrance to the multiplayer world?

    1.Should I watch pro-players, how they play, start to master they base guide etc.? Or maybe I should just keep playing on my own, without looking on them?
    2. It is good to focus on just one race, and try to master it (I like NE)? Maybe picking “random” is better?
    3. Could you recommend me some basics tactics in W3 FT? I already saw some (keybinds).
    4. Should I play my first couple,or even more games against computer, to figure out my skill, and then, after tens of matches, start to play multiplayer?
    5. Should I focus on one map, and master it? I mean, layout, camps etc.? Or it is better to play on couple maps?

    Thank you very much for help, I appreciate any help comming from you!

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    Oh man.. you are 15 too late with these questions. :P

    Not many meele players around to give advice.

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    Hey dude, start playing everything. Watch tournaments, you will pick up on what style you enjoy and you will slowly go toward the race that you are made for.
    Find someone who is new to the game as you are, nowdays its hard to queue for a game and not get matched versus someone that is a lot better.
    Just play with no pressure, and slowly prepare to go all in when W3 Reforged comes.
    If you happen to pick night elves, let me welcome you to the family.

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