I had troubles setting up the game.
I downloaded game client, then ran Warcraft3.exe which made some exports. I did not run Launcher (actually I did, but I cancelled when I saw I had 1.28.5 version).
Then I installed your Eurobattle.net client. I ran both vc_redist, and it said I already have it.

So, I can run the game itselft - on first opening, I get rundll process, then on second double-click I get to the game.
I can run your client as well - I get to the Eurobattle.net window.
But I CANNOT run the game from your client - when I click on the icon on home screen, first rundll process runs, then I get warcraft3 process with very small memory, so nothing shows up. Eurobattle.net client says the game is running and there is nothing I can do to bring the game up. Also, I can't just run warcraft3.exe and enter Battle.net.
However, I resolved this by manually running gproxy.exe and then w3l.exe - now I can join your Battle.net server.
Can I solve this somehow, or I have to manually run both programs? (Honestly I don't mind that much, just asking....)

Then the real issue came up - first I was waiting in queue for 2 hours.
After I found the match - immediately after loading screen, the game shows up frozen, and I get disconnected. I queued again, instant join - same - game starts frozen and I get disconnect right there.
On joining game I got window to allow it through firewall - which I did, I allowed communication with your server.
Any help?
Maybe it did not recognize exception to firewall, but I guess it should be immediate if that was the problem I will report when I find another match...