Many times I stoped playing for few months and then came back on and in each my comeback I had fun in SS games and pubs with my mates.
Last four months I am playing on two accounts: my first account Goggo made in year 2006 with many PG games backwhile W3 was popular and with my ss account Aledati.
I tried to gather people for some ss games and I suceed with help of some of you but very hard and time consuming for only few games.
Game level of those games were really low and after those few games there was 0 chance to gather people for more.
Its a fact those games could be the last played on SS ever...after more than 10 years that day came.
I played some public games and I really do not like situation in pubs.
Even only 200-300 online people playing together on this server, there is 0 respect between players.
There is nothing to do on anymore for me.
By this way I sad goodbye to all of you and wish you best in life especially for my old SS mates.
Thank you very much for keeping this server alive trought all those years.
I am member of for 15 years and that is half of my lifetime, will keep this place in my hearth.