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Thread: Unban request

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    Unban request

    Hello. Played the other day Legion TD game with what it seemed a moderator (he could control commands in lobby and ingame). So 10min into the game he started lagging and disconnected, then we won afterwards. Today I try to join the Legion TD games and it says I'm banned. Are your admins 12 year old kids? Just because he lagged out (we waited for him like 5min till he finally disconected)

    So that being said, I'd like to be unbanned. Thanks in advance.

    my ingame nickname - rekoilas

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    We aren't hosting Legion TD, you probably played on a bot which belongs to ozgame : If im not mistaken, anyone can rent a bot there for money

    Since we don't own the bot and have no control over it, there is nothing we can do...

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