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Thread: unban IP adress

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    unban IP adress

    HI my ingame char gvozdika was banned by Akuma for refusing to play.And its true i did refuse to play but only when the game was 1 minute from ending we didnt have any vhance thay were destrying us and i told them that i will be afk till end,but some of the players that were looking for someone to blame coz we lost thay turned on me like i was the reason we lost that was the case so plz if possible get me unbanned.
    P.S i cheked on foruim it said i will be unbanned on 18.06.2018 but im still banned
    TY in advance

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    Ashes and Dust I'm here for more than 1 year and I am banned! I'M SUCH A NO LIFE STUPID KID!

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    You're unbanned now. Also next time post your request in Lagabuse forum when you are banned by Lagabuse admin, that way we can see it much faster, especially if it is about these expired band which did not expire properly.

    PS: someone can lock this, its solved.

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