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Thread: Unban Request

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    Unban Request

    Hi, my brother : Narko_Diler , got IP ban for talking in game that he is admin,
    thing is he didnt do it to talk to whole team we were messin with one guy who was playing 4-5 games with us and he knew we were joking,
    But apparently some admin played with use in game and give him IP ban, he didnt do it on purpose or to joke with somebody that he will give him ban or smth like that
    Please give him unban we were playing dota since patch 6.4 or 5 smth like that when naga siren had critical passive and terrorblade had zeal attack speed passive,
    before releasing new gproxy, we litterally never knew that is for ip ban, he wouldnt joke like that if he knew.
    It wont happen again i promise please unban him.

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