With Blizzard recently releasing patch 1.29 it is time to address how things stand. Eurobattle.net is currently in a peculiar situation which is not really good to be in..

Dota 6.88X support
Since Icefrog stopped developing DotA the only active branch of the map is d1stats (there are a few more knockoffs but not worthy of mention). Unfortunately since version 6.88 the map only works on W3 1.26 because it exploits a vulnerability in W3 engine that was later patched. Why not just switch to 1.26 and stay there you ask? Because we also want to keep in sync with official servers so people can join cross-realm bots like ENT. There are also welcome improvements to the game in recent patches which we don't want to miss out on (map sizes, number of players etc).

We have restarted work on client/bots/gproxy to support switching between W3 versions on the fly and use DotA 6.88 for official leagues. We are currently roughly at 70% of the way there and we expect to release a beta for testing in the following month if all goes to plan. Support for W3 1.26/Dota 6.88 is now #1 priority and other tasks were put on hold.

1.29 support
Eurobattle.net is a PvPGN server which relies on w3l loader to make some changes to W3 executable and allow the game to connect to our server. Unfortunately there were some major changes in the way W3 executable is built by Blizzard in 1.29 and loader needs quite a bit more work than usual. Project is hosted on GitHub.

Unfortunately the main developer did not yet commit to update the loader and we can't update the server to 1.29 before loader is ready. If nobody ports the loader we will have to do it ourself and since it's not the nicest piece of code we don't know how much time that would take us.

1.29 support is therefore on hold until we find the time to start porting the loader and is second in priority to 6.88 support. However, if loader gets ported by someone we will update the server ASAP.

Since we are short on coding manpower I can't give any realistic timelines when things will actually be ready for public release, I just wanted to inform about the current situation and what we are currently working on.