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Thread: Help gproxy problem

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    Help gproxy problem

    Whenever i start up my Gproxy and attempt to enter i get this message.
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] starting winsock
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] setting process priority to "above normal"
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Listening for gproxy games on port [6125]
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Listening for warcraft 3 connections on port 6112
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GProxy++ Xpam Version 13
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] List of commands: !commands
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] GPROXY READY
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Waiting max 25 seconds for W3 to start
    [14-04-2018 03:44:15][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Waiting W3...
    [14-04-2018 03:44:16][SYSTEM][LOG_INFO] Detected W3 as running
    [14-04-2018 03:44:37][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Creating new WC3 socker connection
    [14-04-2018 03:44:37][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Initiating the two way connection
    [14-04-2018 03:44:37][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Connection marked as WC3
    [14-04-2018 03:44:38][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Remote socket connected with []
    [14-04-2018 03:44:38][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Local socket disconnected
    [14-04-2018 03:44:38][GPROXY][LOG_INFO] Deleting connection

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    Tick the "debugging" button on gproxy tab, it will produce a more detailed log

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