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Thread: How to obtain Warcraft III 1.28.5 to play on

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    How to obtain Warcraft III 1.28.5 to play on

    As most of you probably know, the official realms were updated to 1.29 version. Eurobattle will remain on 1.28.5 for the time being, so in order to be able to play on our realm, you have to possess the game of the older, 1.28.5 version. The best way to get it, is a direct download from our site: , alternatively you can use the mirrors from the wiki:

    As always, the detailed installation instructions for our client can be found here:

    Hosting bots
    Cross-patch hosting between 1.28.5 and 1.29 seems to not be possible right now, so a number of bots, such as ENT will not function properly when accessed from our realm. You are advised to use our public hosting bots:

    If you are a bot owner and wish to connect it to , here are the hashes:

    Note that some maps will not work properly on 1.29 and likewise, some maps created for 1.29 will not work on 1.28.5

    If you happen to run into a problem, feel free to post in our tech support section: or contact us on discord:

    Best regards, staff

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    give 1.29 when xd

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