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Thread: 1.28.2 post mortem

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    1.28.2 post mortem

    just a quick update regarding the current state of the update.

    -there are known solution to most patch problems, the most annoying issues were w3 data migration and "Unable to validate game version" due to Unicode windows names.
    -people with lower-end PC report that their FPS tanked after this patch. It would appear that system requirements have increased for no apparent reason. I will try to do some FPS comparisions between 1.26 and 1.28 on my old XP machine and see if this is true. You can too if you have some time and knowledge.

    Unresolved problems:
    1. Icons: I think I already found the solution and I will release a client update in a few days
    2. People disconnecting from games or from game in general due to gproxy.exe stopped working: initial diagnosis is a memory leak in gproxy. People with low RAM are probably getting this problem more often. I am working on a fix.

    I'd like to apologise for this problematic update. At the same time I'd ask the community to participate in testing more in the future. We had a beta for more than 2 weeks and maybe 5 people cared to install it (out of ~2000 active players). If more people got involved in beta testing many problems could be avoided.

    I also invite you to read and discuss the plans for future updates:
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