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Thread: insult+family flame via wisp

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    insult+family flame via wisp

    insult+family flame via wisp
    i was in game(game didnt start yet)and he didnt balance the game the !Rs was = 72sentinel / 28scourge! i was scourge team and i left the game because dont like to play unbalanced game (5stack up vs 5pubers down)
    this sap start to insult me via wisp!
    every one have right to leave the game if dont want to play a unbalanced game,but he dont have right to insult or flame the players because they left,every one wana play a good game but this last time in channel dont have anymore good games because have some "PROS" cr8 games put up 5friends and down let 2 3 noobs just to get feed on them just to get psr because they are playing for stats and psr!
    90% the games in are the same sentinel-70-80% scourge-20-30% its balanced game this -.-
    (no link game-i was in channel he flame me via wisp)

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    1. You have 10 seconds to leave the game, so if you see that it's not balanced, hit the ESC key.
    2. You provoked him when you left the game + "blow me nab stacker"

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