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Thread: racism/family flame/power abuse!

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    racism/family flame/power abuse!

    racism wia wisp/famile flame/power abuse(comand bot)
    we played together and he failed and i told him moron kebab its 30min u still dont have boots!
    he falmed me :
    29:43 _xpam_ [Allies] motherfucker brainles noob
    start to mute me unmute me many times(more than 20 min i was muted till game finished)
    30:06 _xpam_ [Allies] !mute hot
    30:06 [All] Player [HotFisT] was muted by player [_xpam_].
    30:08 _xpam_ [Allies] your last game

    31:10 _xpam_ [Allies] !votekick hot
    31:10 [All] [_xpam_] voted to kick [HotFisT] [1/7]

    34:43 _xpam_ [Allies] !unmute hot
    34:43 [All] Player [HotFisT] was unmuted by player [_xpam_].

    34:56 _xpam_ [Allies] !mute hot
    34:56 [All] Player [HotFisT] was muted by player [_xpam_].

    37:38 _xpam_ [Allies] !unmute hot
    37:38 [All] Player [HotFisT] was unmuted by player [_xpam_].

    37:49 _xpam_ [Allies] !mute hot
    37:49 [All] Player [HotFisT] was muted by player [_xpam_].

    39:57 _xpam_ [All] ok first i need to ban barat then coming;gid=5967234

    after that game we joined for rmk another game but this _xpam_ start to kick me (he didnt was the creator :@)
    Creator: jojo_noob

    00:19 _xpam_ !open 8
    00:19 Slot 8 opened

    01:36 _xpam_ !open 9
    01:36 Slot 9 opened
    01:36 HotFisT has left the game.;gid=5967252
    we know he is moderator but the same problems we have many times with those moderators they allways SAY: I AM ADMIN I WILL BAN YOU! I AM ADMIN I CAN KICK YOU!

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    Report that here -

    Anyway You caused all that problems in that game, so stop trying to act like innocent.
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