Some of you seem to be confused when our client starts updating a few times after a fresh install. I hope this will resolve some questions.

1. Why does client have to update so many times if I just did a fresh install?
Every version of installer contains all the patches up to some version. Latest one is 14. Installer version 0 contains zero patches so it needs to update 14 times. Installer version 5 contains patches up to version 9 so it needs to update 5 times. We update our installers every few patches because doing it for every single one is simply too much work.

When does installer v6 come out?
Some time this october. It will contain all patches up to version 15 which is not released yet.

Why are updates so slow?
Each patch can be from a few KB up to 20MB depending on what it contains. On a slow internet connection it can take even a couple of minutes to download that.

I only see "Redirecting" text and client doesn't seem to do anything???
This one is on me! The truth is, client is downloading the update, it just doesn't show it anywhere in the UI. We will fix this in the next release!

Why do I see cmd windows popping up briefly when client is updating?
If client is updating itself, it's own executable, it can't write the new program over itself while running so it has to restart and call another program (cmd) to actually replace itself. THis is how it is supposed to work so you have nothing to worry about.

I am stuck with an update for whatever reason, how do I prevent client from updating?
If you want to stop updates for some time until some bug is fixed you can do it by going:
start->run->regedit->HKEY_CURRENT_USER->Software->>Right click on "patch"->Modify->change to Decimal->type in number bigger than latets patch. If latest patch is 14, any number bigger than that will stop the updates.

Version 15 (not released yet) will have an option in xpam.cfg to disable updates.