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Thread: Strategy against Balanr and Bloodseeker

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    Strategy against Balanr and Bloodseeker

    Balanar:Its not easy to play against him cause he can be a real big carry/tank hero,in the night he is almost unstopable and you should really try to avoid him cause he kills almost every hero with no this is the way i fight him almost every time win against him:day time:go push lanes he is harmless cause only good he got is void but he can be or he farmes so get wards in their jungle,when night time go to your jungle put wards get a tp and go farm only way trust me,cause if you fight you loose i mean only two hereos that can kill good balanar player are slardar with supp and lycan with dazzle
    Blood:there is no strategy i mean he sees you with almost half hp so always get tp cause when you tp it dose no affect rupture,and is you play naix sylla enigma lycan legion spectre ursa always get wards in your jungle cause if you start to farm in jungle at level 1 or 2 you will have low hp its a fact so he will definetly try to kill you and ofc get a tp,but when he cast ulti on you and dont have tp stay in place or always carry BM or stay in group cause he is a terrible team fighter and 2 good players with int or anything kill him easy(P.S. this is only for not em mode cause no matter how many kills you have your enemy can still have better items than you

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    Very solid guide, youve explained in depth balanar inside and outside, +1 from me

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