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Thread: Cen's imba guide to Viper

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    Cen's imba guide to Viper

    This is my imba guide to viper for: pub AP NOOBS

    Core items:


    Boots: you want to go FB on bottom (sentinel) or top (scourge) with orb walk. While it's usually enough to orb walk w/o boots from start it's much safer FB with boots. Especially if the other noob has boots too. In this case "boots first item" is justified.
    Tango: for heal
    Wraith: because you have 50 gold

    1. Order your teammate to block creeps (sent bot, scourge top) so you have a longer lane to orb walk.
    2. Go behind enemy (forest patch)
    3. ???????
    4. PROFIT!!!!!!!! FB/Double kill

    This can only fail if your teammate is retard or you encounter heavy disable on lane. But mostly unlikely.

    Enemy picked techie? Imba game already. Pick Viper and rush to the river/runes. Those noobs usually mine at the bottom. Orb walk/fb and gg.

    Core items early game:

    Get that ring for some health regen, you'll sell it later when building HoT. It's 875 gold well spent.

    Core items mid game

    Go BM first only if you play against heavy dps/nuke, otherwise Lothar is always the first choice. But on the end get both anyway.
    Hot+Corrosive Skin+BM == imba tank

    Late game
    A DPS item of your choice.

    General tactic

    -harass on lane with orb walk as much as possible. Should get some easy kills against nabs who dare to come too close. Nobody can fuck with Viper on lane, you are the boss. You should get a few kills early on easily.

    -mid game you are on top of your power. Ganks with lothar, slow poison when chasing, nice DPs, semi-tank. Perfect all around hero. Unless you have a late game hard carry in team you should probably try to end the game as soon as possible

    -late game.. unless you played very well and stacked on good items you are probably fucked against late carry like Spectre etc. But you were owning the whole game so the carry in your team should be owning the map anyway. Amirit?

    Skill build
    Max out asap
    You probably want to take at least a lvl of Neurotoxin for easier last hit. Then max out Corrosive Skin. It's nice against annoying spellcasters on lane plus it throws a friggin toxic bomb everytime you are attacked which slows down everything that touches you.
    Max out asap

    Best friends:
    -anyone who can dps while you orb walk the victim
    -gankers which can join you on the journey of enemy forest

    Worst friends:
    -KSers.. hate those

    Best enemies:
    -heroes with bad or no escape mechanisms
    -heroes without a hard/long disable
    -heavy casters because their spells are much inferior against Corrosive Skin

    Worst enemies:
    -Mirana, because that bitch is hard to catch with the jump/ulti/arrow. Too much escape vs poison.
    -Bara because you can't ulti him fast enough when he charges towards you. I tried it.. fails almost every time
    -hard disable, altho you can usually catch those with lothar in a few sec
    -Spectra, because if you didn't finish soon enough you're fucked. You are not late hero

    Great satisfactions playing viper:

    -Orb Walking on long lane in early game and pwning noobs
    -Killing Nevermore
    -The fact that (almost) nothing can escape you
    -Kiling Techies in river, minute 1

    And here you go. My wisdom revealed.
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    I am noob, where do I buy orb walk???????
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    this should read aledati, very instructive for his game play in order to improve it.
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