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Thread: How to check if your port forwarding worked or not?

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    How to check if your port forwarding worked or not?

    This is a short tutorial that will show you how to test whether your port forwarding was successful or not without needing someone to try and join your game (or trying to play PG).

    1. After you port forwarded TCP 6112, saved the configuration and restarted your router, open W3 with normal gateway.

    2. Manually host a private custom game (map doesn't matter)

    3. Go to and type in port 6112 and then 6113.

    4. If the tool says it can see either of these ports, you did it. If it says it can't see you, then you have failed to port forward properly.

    Instead of steps 3 and 4 you can ask a friend to join your game but there could be some other problems with that (usually LAN/Campus related). Or make a public game but then you need to wait for someone to actually click on your game and join.
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