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    Technical Support Guide . Technical Support Guide Page

    • First Of All Check Our Wiki

    • Before posting use the search feature to find threads with similar problems where a solution might have been already detailed. This doesn't mean that the solution posted in the thread is a solution to your problem and then you might need to open up a new thread for your problem. It's very hard to help multiple people in one thread that claim to have the same problem, which maybe isn't the case.

    • Don't Make a bad Title of your thread like ( Can't play, Help! ) Make it related with your problem For Example ( Connection Problem , Fatal Error ) .

    • Describe the in detail the problem you have and where it works / doesn't work. Include all error messages and when they are coming up. ( You can attach screen shots to the threads )

    • You can attach screen shots to your threads so don't hesitate to make some and show it to us.

    • List every solution you've already tried, to avoid getting solutions told to you which you already tried yourself.

    • Above all don't private message technical supporters since it may slow down the speed of help you get .
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