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Thread: A short history of DotA

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    Post A short history of DotA

    Have you ever wondered how it all began? Who was the first one to step up from conventional warcraft maps and make something new, unseen at that time?
    Did you know that DotA, in it basic form is older than The Frozen Throne?!

    1.How it all began
    Wondering what would your reaction be if I'd say that DotA had no connection to warcraft but to starcraft at first? Oh, yes it is true. Eul, the creator of DotA was inspired by "Aeon of Strife", a starcraft map
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    Unfortunately as map editing wasn't on high level as it is now, first DotA versions were total disaster, loading time of map was 2 minutes and it was filled with bugs and unbalances. The very first version looked more like D-Day than the map we play now. There were no recipes, only common warcraft items. I remember that I played crystal maiden versus computers (although it didn't matter at that time since map didn't have AI, which I discovered later...), anyways I was playing solo versus creeps and It was very painful job to kill creeps, I needed like 10 or 15 minutes to kill first tower even though I was autoattacking and casting spells on creeps! The worst thing is that tower wasn't even regenerating(that was added later). Enough for any normal user to quit? Hell yeah!
    Although it was largely disappointing Eul was the first one to stand up and make something new, back in 2003 DotA motivated map developers to start producing new maps. Eul's map making career didn't last for long time, In the time from 2003 to 2005 map was developed by Steve "Guinsoo" Feak, he started making some progress, changed terrain, redesigned creatures and made a good setup for later editing. At that time map was still very unbalanced and in most of the versions there were 2 or 3 heroes that are completely over powered and almost immortal.
    Finally the DotA we know and play now is developed by Ice Frog, unknown developer till than made an instant impact by changing the map philosophy.
    Being in a head of the project since 2005 Ice Frog made an outstanding achievement by making a map one of the most played and known all around the world. Shouldn't we forget to mention that Frozen Throne haven't been changed (if we don't count small changes that patches provided) in cosmetic way making it very difficult for developer to bring in some new stuff that will keep players in love with this strategy game.
    Somewhere in October of 2009 developer team consisting of James Fielding,
    Alan Cacciamani,Pu Liu made a Heroes of Newearth a game that is independent from Warcraft as it has own platform. Despite cosmetic changes and advanced graphics, HON has maintained spirit and the joy that DotA brought to us. So far Dota is still more popular than HON due to its strategic and gameplay advantage.
    Dota 2 is a new project coming in the final quarter of the 2011, designed by Valve and Ice Frog. Although we are all excited to see graphic changes and new outlooks of our favourite heroes, I have to say that I'm a bit saddened when I think of leaving a game that all of us love/loved so much.

    If you have some more interesting facts please post here, let it not be forgotten by the generations to come!

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    Just watch the game, first 15 minutes... Zeus knows everyrhing. Whole game he was blinking exact spot where we were. Btw he is TR.
    Btw he is TR.
    posted by Dota94

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    This is not complete story. Nothing about 5.84c said

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