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Thread: pp! vs iFound (Semifinal ss-Tour 5)

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    pp! vs iFound (Semifinal ss-Tour 5)  74284

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    <FROM: Thorpwn> h peira einai mia xtena p thn apoktas otan eisai pia karaflos

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    Nice items trax and sf

    meshu hs

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    what about my unique potm???

    EDIT: trololol, isee traX+1000 gold so sf=noob.(ofc i mean same items.)
    <ss-extasy> i just realized
    <ss-extasy> that dota > girls
    <ss-extasy> just gotta figure out how to have sex with dota.
    Quote Originally Posted by iStealSkills View Post
    In Game: I playing vs eXtasY and he is noob so he need maphack. In the end he click on my hero and I got message User eXtasY is using MapHack, Clicking on unit inside fog.

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