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    Eurobattle.net - World's largets Warcraft III PvPGN server

    Eurobattle.net also known as 'XPAM' is world's largest Warcraft III PvPGN server.

    From PG ladder to low/high skilled DotA leagues and tournaments, every player finds a suitable place.

    It is a free server that allows you to play Warcraft in Battle.net -like environment.

    We highly recommend visiting our forums for discussion and support from our moderation team.

    Server information

    Free community Teamspeak

    Reliable hosting

    Europe: ts.eurobattle.net : 9987

    Our hostbots are running on high-speed dedicated servers which ensure as little lag as possible.

    GProxy reconnection tool allows players to reconnect to the game in case of a net drop.

    How to play on our server? Two simple steps

    1. Download and run our installer

    2. Create server account

    W3 version:1.26a RoC and TFT
    Operating systems:Windows XP/Vista/7
    Comes with: -GProxy reconnection tool
    -Custom bnet icons and banners
    Link:Installer 2014 v3 (20 MB)

    C++ Redistributable
    is needed for installer and GProxy to work.

    *Note: Before clicking Finish on installer exit screen, wait for the icons script to pop up and do it's job.


    For more information about our server, GProxy and how to play on our leagues, visit forum FAQ or Wiki.
    Quick links:
    News and Announcements
    Technical Support
    FAQ (outdated)
    Hack reports
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