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    Eurobattle.net - World's largets Warcraft III PvPGN server

    Eurobattle.net also known as 'XPAM' is world's largest Warcraft III PvPGN server.

    From PG ladder to low/high skilled DotA leagues and tournaments, every player finds a suitable place.

    It is a free server that allows you to play Warcraft in Battle.net -like environment.

    We highly recommend visiting our forums for discussion and support from our moderation team.

    Server information

    Free community Teamspeak

    Reliable hosting

    Europe: ts.eurobattle.net : 9987

    Our hostbots are running on high-speed dedicated servers which ensure as little lag as possible.

    GProxy reconnection tool allows players to reconnect to the game in case of a net drop.

    How to play on our server?

    1. Follow our WiKi to install the game and client.

    2. Register a new server account and activate it.

  • Warcraft III 1.29

    Warcraft III 1.29 is live on the official realms: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/bnet/topic/20762137149?

    We are preparing for the transition to 1.29 as well. Once the patch is ready, Eurobattle.net client will update your game automatically.

    Hosting bots
    ENT, RT and generally cross-patch hosting bots may not function correctly right now. As an alternative, you may want to use lagabuse public bots (limited to our realm): http://dota.eurobattle.net/la/forum/...php?topic=40.0

    Obtaining Warcraft III 1.28.5
    The full game of 1.28.5 version can be downloaded here: http://warden.eurobattle.net/downloads/file/49. Alternatively, check our wiki for the mirrors: http://wiki.eurobattle.net/index.php...Recommended.29

    Another option (not recommended) is to use the official setup which will install the 1.29 version. You will have to downgrade it to play on Eurobattle.net. Check our wiki for instructions: http://wiki.eurobattle.net/index.php?title=Main_Page#Option_2_.28Not_recommen ded.29
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