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  1. arianapham's Avatar
    You put really very helpful information
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  2. phamyen's Avatar
    The articles you share, it is very detailed and meticulous, I hope you will have more interesting articles to share with readers next time.
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  3. vasizbtz's Avatar
    I have the same problem

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  4. MarthaWilson710's Avatar
    u gonna register pasword and new pasword have it
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  5. aaroncarter's Avatar
    same problem here. thank you for the solution!
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  6. darkcry1's Avatar
    You should check where did you created your acc you need to click Acc Managment/Activation and click there create new.If you create on the site at home it will just be a account for forum and other.Good luck
  7. Viorel88's Avatar
  8. VLDMR1337's Avatar
    create new acc !
  9. marcobarca's Avatar
    i had the same proplem in the past you must create a server account here
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  11. ArMageDoN's Avatar
    my prob is that says u got to activate acc and i activated already what should i doo?
  12. Herr's Avatar
    Because blog rules! (how the fuck did I end up here)
  13. MusicDemon's Avatar
    Why isn't anyone using the forums?!?!?!
  14. andres_03's Avatar
    go to "Acc Management/Activation" in you profile and follow the instructions
  15. batonas24's Avatar
    Same problem here some1 can inform the administration about this? Because I'm very disapointed that this is only f2p palying way and garena doesn't even offers any dota servers mostly.
  16. FrenzyBoi's Avatar
    u gonna register pasword and new pasword have it
  17. Xotty's Avatar
    I have the same problem. Can not activate on email,because it says when I try the password recovery that this email is already in use.
  18. Plonk's Avatar
    active it on email
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