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  1. Don`t exist??

    So i sing up and download When i start Warcraft 3 and want to log in it tells me "that account doesn't exist" what should i do?? Make new account or what?? Pls. tell me

    Updated 6th March 2012 at 06:42 PM by snjegovic

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  2. how to I activate my account?

    Hello- I'm just wondering, I actually registered my account and cofirmed it, though
    how to I activate my account? When I was regisetrin account, even I made w3(in game) account there was no password and- I tried activate with w3 account what I made, and with account password(homepage). It didn't work. was it that I missed something?

    p.s. I tried log in game in, but there was no my account.
  3. Projeto de Videos

    Quote Originally Posted by didox View Post
    Pessoal, eu irei começar um projeto aqui na euro e este projeto é simplesmente criar uma espécie de "Top 10" semanal aqui das salas br. (ex: odl, edbrl, dev)

    No caso, seriam postados todos os sábados ou domingos videos com as 10 melhores jogadas da semana em um canal que irei criar no youtube, afim de divulgar nossas salas, jogadores e se divertir com as jogadas!
    Vai ser uma espécie de "wodota" só que só serão aceitas as jogadas das salas BR aqui da euro...
  4. Test

  5. Eurobattle Client - Status update #1

    Taking some time for EBC.
    And this is what I have so far:
    EBC will RESTART as administrator.
    More logging and a button to the current log.

    Busy with:
    News pages.
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