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  1. Amber Heard

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  2. Scarlett Johansson

    My Scarlet

    Updated 9th January 2013 at 11:17 AM by WC3PROS

  3. +1 English PRO - Clan Issues: READ ME!

    Quote Originally Posted by GuiMM View Post
    Hello good afternoon, I had a problem with my account Clan chief CrM, I would peditr chieftien transfer of the account to the account _.SNAKE._ [crime] snake. considering that I am the owner of two accs however I can not log the first to make the transfer.

    clan: CRIME

    tag: CrM

    Thankful from ja!
    May jah bless this guy.
  4. Para ak.47

    Quote Originally Posted by D4rkst4r View Post
    ta you banned all my accounts adm please the raplays looks like that has no right playing as heating not getting to the top rank goes to vo channel when locked aff is so bad huh!
    Imba english skills
  5. Can anyone help me?

    I just created an account and at first when I tried to log in it said that my account doesn't exist. After 3-4 tries it started saying that my password is wrong even though it's right. I changed it twice but still nothing. And yes I activated my account surely. I did it many times.. it just kept saying that it's already activated.. so can anyone tell me what's the problem?
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