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9th November 2009, 05:23 PM
I'll go straight, the truth is:

My brother (4dwin, mikac) logged onto Guard acc, as he saw password at my pc, and all of you know that I had guard etc..

I for one didn't give him password, but I will take responsibility and get banned. Since I don't play w3/dota any longer, and furthermore I don't care for my accounts...

About Keka, he never logged on Guard, he never knew the password, check IP and you will see that Guard logged on from mine/4dwin. All he did, was coming in channel and flaming, well enough for a bad manner 7 days ban, but surely not enough for IP ban you are/were threatening him with.

and take another note, 4dwin knew exactly all Guard possibilities and advantages, he just didn't want to do anything like that, he wanted to have fun, (I guess he had) he knew that he will end up being IP banned and he never complained about it, and I am pretty sure he never will.

so once again do not blame keka for something he didn't do, its stupid, and unprofessional, I am just sorry I didn't come to write this earlier.

And don't bother having your arguments here with me, since I probably won't come to see it. If you see me logged on, it will be plavsha, he knows my password.

That's all, have fun in your games :)

ps. I chose moonstar for no specific reason, although he knows of this case very well.

9th November 2009, 05:27 PM
Appreciate your honesty, so the truth finally came up to result. ;)

9th November 2009, 05:55 PM
so the truth finally came up to result. ;)

And his word is about to be taken as dogma ?

Moonstar did check all log in recordings when the issue happened, and for the surprise, Keka's info was listed there beside 4dwins and yours. You all three got banned, not only him. If you thought that we ban based on pure suspects, you were very wrong.

I will make quotation of Moon concerning this case.

No no its all of them sorry, im 100% sure. i checked 3 times.

Now, I wish to ask you all to stop reviving this case. Its judged, discussed, rejudged and generally got more attention then all other cases together. I believe it was enough.