View Full Version : Ban ban ban ban ban!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16th August 2009, 09:28 PM
i think that we need 2 forbide ghost!!!!!!!!!!!
i have banned already 3 times in vampirism fire
he think that i had an MH ^.^
i think that a thous n00b hosters need 2 get ban in eurobattle PVPGN :@ :@ :@ the last of them was voidly......
and how can somebody ban player[n00b] if there nobody says n00b=ban???? :unsure: and how can somebody be pro if he didnt played this map???? if that was hes 1st time????? like i sad many hosters are total idiots :@

AND I think that Voidly need 2 get ban or give him warn and dont let him host maps :@ :@ :@
i think that many of peoples will leave ur server cause of idiots like him :@ :
1.-thous who cant host map and evherytime get ban vhen he plays somekind map...
2.-players who want 2 play a game without abusing...
and other stuff that i cant imagino for now :(

please humans, dont let this damn thing 2 continue....
we dont need any players like Voidly :@

Thx for atencion........
<C> Foxish [Anfetamin]

16th August 2009, 10:10 PM
1. I understand your frustration
2. The rules of this server don't forbid such actions. In custom games: host=god
3. Nothing can be done. Don't join his games, that's the only way.


16th August 2009, 11:17 PM
Its true. Host is owner of the game, and he can do anything he wish in it. Simply dont join his games any more.