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DotA Terminology and Commands


General terms

dota - defence of the ancients
push - pushing a lane to destroy towers, units barracks resulting in making stronger creeps for you.
b - back - retreat
dd - doubledamage
dmg - damage
dps - damage per second
def - defend
gank - ganging enemy hero(s)
gg - good game
ts - teamsell
ks - killsteal
pub - public game
reg - regeneration
rmk - remake
ulti - a hero's ultimate spell
crit - critical damage
ill - illusion
xp- experience
AoE= Area of Effect. is a term used to describe attacks or spells that affect multiple targets within a specified area.
miss = missing in action. Used to tell others that the enemy hero(s) in your lane is missing.
Feeder - An ally who repeatedly dies to enemy granting opponents gold and experience points making them stronger as a result
rosh - The strongest neutral creep in the map, near the first tower on the mid lane (Scourge side)

Heroes and items terms

Harb - Harbinger, the Obsidian Destroyer
BM - Rexxar, the BeastMaster
CM - Crystal Maiden
Pig - Rigwarl, BristleBack
hex = Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse
sk, crix - The sand king
kelen - kelen's dagger of escape used for blink
BoT - Boots of Travel
deso - Stygian Desolator
pers - perseverance
HoT - Heart of Tarrasque
Necro - Necromonicon
link - Linken's sphere
eul, feather - eul's sceptor of divinity
RoB - Ring of the Basilus
manta - Manta Style
DB - Diffusal Blade
null - Null talisman
buriza - buriza-do-kyanon
bracers -
HoM/midas - Hand of Midas
basher - Cranium Basher
mael - Maelstrom
MJ - mjollnir
HoD - Helm of the Dominator
BF/Bfury - Battlefury
butter/Bfly - butterfly
dvine - Divine Rapier
agha / scepter - Anghamin Scepter
MoM - Mask of Madness
vladi - vladmir's offering
arc - arcane ring
bkb - black king bar
mkb - monkey king bar
eos - eye of skadi
radi - radiance
sy - Sange and Yasha
ror - ring of regenation
roh - ring of health


Game modes

Normal mode - team pick

This mode is selected when no other primary mode is during the first 15 seconds. Players may pick heroes from taverns belonging to their team.

-ap / allpick

Everyone may pick heroes from any tavern.

-ar / allrandom

Every player gets a random hero from any tavern.

-rd / random draft

Needs an even amount of players on each team to be activated. Goblin Techies cannot be picked in this mode. 22 random heroes are picked from all available ones and placed into 2 taverns (available for both Sentinel and Scourge). The remaining heroes are removed, as well as the rest of the taverns

-sd / single draft

Each player is presented with three random heroes, one agility, one strength, and one intelligence. They can then pick one of them using -pick 1/2/3 commands.

-em / easy mode

Towers are weaker, experience is gained faster, and you get twice as much periodic gold

-id / item drop

When you die, a random slot in your inventory will drop whatever it holds. If that slot is empty, nothing happens. You no longer lose money when you die.

-tr / team random

Every player gets a random hero from the taverns belonging to their team.

-mr / mode random

Randomly picks a mode from All Random, All Pick, Team Random and Normal Mode.

-rv / reverse mode

The Sentinel's players pick the Scourge's team and the Scourge's players pick the Sentinel's team. Needs an even amount of players on each team to be activated.

-du / duplicate mode

The same hero can be picked or randomed by multiple players.

-sp / shuffle players

The teams will be randomly shuffled. This includes which colour you have and which side you are on. Also evens the number of players in both teams if possible.

-sh / same hero

All players will have the hero that blue picks

-lm / league mode

All forms of random are disabled. 10 players required. The teams will pick in alternating orders, one team picking one hero, the other team picks two heroes, the first team picks two heroes, the other team picks two heroes, the first team picks their two last heroes, the other team picks their last hero (1-2-2-2-2-1). Each player has 20 seconds to pick a hero, otherwise one is randomed for him/her. The team which has the first pick is random. Can only pick from your side, Sentinel or Scourge, like Normal Mode.

-vr / vote random

Three random matchups will be chosen, and each player gets to cast a vote on which of the three matchups they want, using -option 1/2/3. Needs an even amount of players on each team to be activated.
Read the V. Vote Random commands section for more information.


If you die, you will have to pick a new hero once you can respawn. If a random primary mode was selected, you will receive a hero according to that random mode. A team loses if it has 44 deaths (you can change this value with -lives # command), or if its ancient is destroyed.

-mm / mirror match

Requires that both teams have the same number of players. After one minute, each player pair (blue - pink, teal - gray, purple - light blue, yellow - dark green, orange - brown) will have their heroes replaced with either one of the two they had. In the end, each player pair has the same hero, and both teams have the same matchup.

-np / no powerups

No runes will spawn.

-sc / super creeps

A super creep is spawned on random intervals for each side and follow the creeps in either lane. The weakest supercreep is the Siege Golem, a bit stronger is the Scary Fish, and the Ancient Hydra is the strongest one.

-om / only mid

towers in top and bottom lane are invulnerable, no creeps swap.

-nt / no top

No creeps spawn at the top (left) lane. Towers there are still vulnerable.

-nb / no bottom

No creeps spawn at the bottom (right) lane. Towers there are still vulnerable

-nm / no middle

No creeps spawn at the middle lane. Towers there are still vulnerable.

-ns / noswap

Swap command do not work.

-nr / no repick

Repick command do not work

-aa / all agility

Only Agility heroes will be allowed.

-as / all strenght

Only strenght heroes will be allowed

-ai / all intelligence

Only intelligence heroes will be allowed

-wtf / what the f*ck (fun mode)

Basically, all hero and item abilities have no cooldowns and cost 0 mana. When an ability is used, all cooldowns are reset and your mana is set to full. Certain triggered abilities will seem as if they have no cooldown, but will not have any effect until the time in which it would normally be cooled down has passed (one example is Borrowed Time).

Commands available to all playes


Gives you a new, random hero if you're in an -ar game and you want to change your hero (costs 500 gold). There is a limited time window for repicking (the maximum number of "repicks" is one).


Selects a random hero from your side. You can repick another random hero by typing -repick, but it costs 150g. (note the different gold costs for repicking in -allrandom games and repicking when you yourself choose to -random.)


Displays current move speed (for debugging and informational purposes).

-ma / matchup

Displays the enemy players' alias along with which hero they are currently controlling.


Shows you your current creep kills. The board(cson) continually shows the number, while the normal command does not.

-swap / swap hero

Allows you to select any teammate from a menu. That teammate will be given the option to either select 'yes' or 'no' to the question if he wants to trade his hero with you. If he chooses 'yes', all items will be carried over and control over the hero switches. If he chooses 'no', nothing will happen. Either way, you cannot use the command -swaphero again. Each player may use this command once, so it is possible that one hero is swapped between multiple players. This command cannot be typed after the first wave of creep commences.

-di / deny info

This command shows kills/denies of creeps.


Shows afk players.

-kickafk (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10)

After 10 minutes of inactivity a player can be booted from the game.


Shows courier's icon.


Hides heroes names.


ask for swap to all teamplayers.


Shows current game type.


Anti Maphack sistem.


Shows how to create invokers ultimates.


For heroes that have the ability to undergo a metamorphosis that is not tied to the unit in the world editor map, namely Dragon Knight, Lycanthropy, Lifestealer, and Soul Keeper, where there are occasional problems with losing control of the unit. This is resolved by bringing the unit back to the 'fountain' area and typing this command. The command has a 200 second channeling time, to prevent abuses.


Clears all game text messages from the screen.

-apm / Actions per minute

Displays your APM.

Sources : www.google.com (http://www.google.com) and dota-allstars blog (http://dota-allstars-blog.blogspot.com/2008/01/dota-allstars-game-command-mode-guides.html)
Notes: this is for DotA shortforms, terms and commands not general.

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25th March 2009, 09:03 PM
Here are some more:
Rob-ring of basilius
CK,Ness-Chaos knight,Nessaj
DK,Davion-Dragon knight,Knight Davion
PL,Phantom-Phantom lancer
PA,Mort-Phantom assasin,Mortred
SA,Riki-Stealth assasin,Rikimaru
NS,Bala-Night stalker,Balanar
NA,Nerub-Nerubian Assasin
FV,Void-Faceless void
KOTL-Keeper of the light,Ezalor
BH-Bounty hunter,Gondar
AM,Magina- Anti-Mage
Roof,Tree-Trean protector
TB,Terror-Terrorblade,Soul Keeper
WD,Doc-Witch Doctor

Inv-Invisible,Invisibility rune
Ilu-Illusion,Illusion rune
Reg-Regeneration rune
Dot-Damage over time
IH-Inhouse (A clan game, or a game with arranged teams)

These are the common abbreviations for dota heroes/items (the ones that aren't written above),say if i forgot something since i can't remember all
Other lingo in dota:
Nuke- An ability which is mainly used to deal damage, and generally has a relatively low cooldown. Can also be the imperative form of "to nuke". Ex Nuke him!
Pooling- Giving items to another player, for him to keep.
Gang bang- Going multiple heroes on a single opponent, so you surely will kill him easily.
Imba- Abbreviation of imbalanced, commonly used to describe something that is overpowered, but can also be used as describing something that is too weak.
(these one taken from dota-allstars forum)