View Full Version : Ban [MMN]azarro quit

17th October 2016, 10:01 AM
Morreu e quito:

12:03 [MMN]azarro [1-2] was been killed by lol^.zorro [3-0]. Assist: Nerakius [2-0]
12:03 lol^.zorro [3-0] is on a killing spree!
12:03 lol^.zorro [3-0] just got a Double Kill!
12:03 [Allies] ^^.Hs.^^: lixo
12:03 [Allies] Inconveniente: !votekick mm
12:03 [All] pitbullwar: A votekick against player [[MMN]azarro] has been started by player [Inconveniente]. 6 votes are needed within 60 seconds to pas
12:03 [All] pitbullwar: Type !yes to vote.
12:04 [Allies] Inconveniente: kika
12:05 [Allies] Inconveniente: isso
12:05 [Allies] ^^.Hs.^^: da desgraaça
12:05 [Allies] Inconveniente: logo
12:07 [All] pitbullwar: [MMN]azarro is banned for 100 hours.
12:07 [All] pitbullwar: [MMN]azarro has left the game voluntarily.