View Full Version : Reported for being new?

10th January 2013, 02:05 AM
Someone keeps saying they will report me just because I suck, for "Game ruining".

Is this even possible? How am I supposed to learn without utterly getting yelled at and voted kick for no reason?!

10th January 2013, 02:13 AM
i'm not pro dota player to help you in this case :D but my advise watch replays also this GUIDE (http://www.playdota.com/) will help you

10th January 2013, 02:19 AM
Thank you.

Also, is it possible to get banned just for being new/sucking? :C

EDIT: Thats just the offical dota site T_T

10th January 2013, 02:59 AM
yes it's the official dota site , check heroes , items guide etc..