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23rd May 2012, 06:10 AM
Before i start, just wanna say i'm definitely not that guy who scream "Mh,Mh!" after one suspicious action .
¨:banned!:1st Maphacker "SharonStone" -But in this game Void is 99,9999% maphacker.. He did his best to cover it dont click in fog.. but I cought him once (i wasnt enough fast to stop it and screen it and i didnt want to watch whole replay cause of it, because his moves talk for itself)you can just say it from moves during whole game, especialy mid-game. I will mention some like.. jumping in fog (i'm not dumb, no wards there) always attacking right terrors illusion and list goes on and on.
I recommand check 36:00 - 36:15 game time where he jumped right on mortred in without any vision of her for more then 1 minute.
During checkin game i also detected 2 other maphackers.. They obiously signaled dosen times on us when we were in fog but for record i add these screenshots:
:banned!:2nd Maphacker "^Imbecil^"
:banned!:3rd Maphacker "[Heaven]"

I believe there is no place for cheaters like this. I also believe u will accept my indisputable evidence and will punish them as they deserve, by perma ban.

9th June 2012, 04:13 PM
Where is replay ?Open new thread and upload replay.