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8th January 2011, 01:00 PM
I make this report for my friend Niletzr125r :happy:

Niletzr125r : He didn't make aow at the start of the game because he knew that i was coming with tr, I never used this tactic vs him. Look at the replay u can see that he always cj me .. I see that he was reported for mh be4 so it's not a coincidence. :banned!:

8th January 2011, 05:17 PM
didnt make aow? Possibly wanted to go for huntress?

That creepjack at mercenary camp- he could see him as he was going around, and rest of those move are logical( he found elemental on upper way so there was kinda high probability to find him at gold mine, and human pushed him from upper side so he went there and found him at shop....)
btw if he had mh why he would go free lose panda around 12:30?
clear game.