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31st October 2010, 11:58 AM
No one would perceive that all those Creep Jacks and Rushes at my base when i was not there is the result of smart Map-Hack usage but sadly he showed something.

15.20: He just can't see my units, no shades, nothing..
Suddenly he moves his frost wyrm in direction of my fiends while i was leaving the base.
I asked him to take SS and he told me that he'd not take because i am not the owner of this server (lol), "nice reason".

I saw the replay twice and at this point, you don't even have to show us a SS because your movement is clear MH.

31st October 2010, 12:51 PM
IMC you should really stop playing this game it's messing up your brain.

The guy just played better this game.
About 15:20 - There are 1000 reasons why he went little up instead straight down. For example he might wanted to get to your shop fast and take it down, or maybe he wanted to be up close to trees so he can micro frost out of danger better, or maybe he assumed you will be going for red spot and wanted to creepjack you, or he just clicked there randomly...
Anyway it's far from clear MH.

And stop complaining about lag coz it's your fault only.

31st October 2010, 01:08 PM
he might wanted to get to your shop fast and take it down

No. If i was in base, i'd take his wyrm down with web.
If i wasn't in base and he wanted to destroy it faster, he wouldn't stay 1 minute stoped outside my base.

maybe he wanted to be up close to trees so he can micro frost out of danger better

No. He would move only his Wyrm, not the whole army.

maybe he assumed you will be going for red spot and wanted to creepjack you

Again, no. Why he would do that instead of taking me there already ?
If he thought that i was creeping there, wouldn't be easier to catch me while attacking the creep ?

He just clicked there randomly...

Okay, this is the best one.

The movement IS STRANGE, suddenly i saw a wyrm trying to attack me from behind while i was leaving where we could not see each other 2 seconds before he do that.

I don't care if he's your friend or if you just don't like me, i asked for SS and he said that he would not take that for me.
HealingEye, i am waiting.

31st October 2010, 02:00 PM
Yeah that's a good one :p "smart mh usage" haha. It is clear game and I think that your enormous EGO could not bare the loss. Besides what kind of text's are this: "U think u're good?", "You winning becouse of lag" and my favorite: "I am much more better than you." :D Hahaha, dude, U act like a total asshole so don't be surprised that someone, who seems to have some dignity, does not give a fuck about ur suspections, which anyways are just lol.

31st October 2010, 02:19 PM
Will you upload the SS yes or not ?

31st October 2010, 03:36 PM
why this unmannered immature person is moderator here ?
some players came here to play, not to hear retarded comments from pathetic frustrated losers, especially moderator who has some power here.
most interesting part of this game is when in.my.control was yelling at healingeye, somebody should speak with him - i understand that noobs like me acts this way, but i never saw other mods doing that.
also, i see no point of making ss, if you would ask not yell, then maybe - other way it would be act of obedience. who would be obedient to a kid, even if he's mod ?

31st October 2010, 03:47 PM
Creep Jacks and Rushes
Creepjack 1: (around 6th min) he send sceleton before as scout and it met you heading to shop, then he bought new rod of necromancy and went ther
Rush 1: (around 10th min) after the battle before he went back to base cahrged mana little(bought orb if i remember) and then went to shop, bought items and went to you.

11th minute: you creepjacked him at gold mine, if he had mh, he wouldnt start creeping there because he could see that you are following him.

Rush2: (15th min) Before base he charged full mana to lich and then he went, yes he went little up before, but its only strange move in game.
Rush3: (around 20th min) Again he healed his army and charged mana in front of your base and then he pushed, this time you were in base.
Then he pushed and again he went little up before attack.
Rush4: (around 25th min) He was creeping till he got lvl 5 dk and lvl 4 lich/dr and then pushed.
and if he had mh i think he would use dust once to kill shadow

healingeye noted(for not posting screenshot)

31st October 2010, 04:31 PM
in.my.control this is redicilous really,just becouse of lose u do all of there things... its funny really... its not my fault if u have lag,and dont be mannered guy please this is game nothing else... once again. i wont* post ss instead of ban

31st October 2010, 06:13 PM
So u have this ss? I would post it if I were you, just for show.

31st October 2010, 07:22 PM
i dont have ss...

31st October 2010, 07:59 PM
dont be mannered guy please


Do you really wanna talk about manners ? Funny, it's the 3rd time we meet each other in forum, seems kinda personal don't you think ?!

Please close this thread.

31st October 2010, 08:33 PM
oh wtf i forgot to close....
anyway healingeye next time make that ss, pressing one button dont cost anything and it may save from ban.