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14th October 2010, 03:05 PM
3:03 - 3:10 you couldnt explain why you did that could you :D ?

4:20-4:24 oh may you got good senses of where i'am and wait ! even you couldnt see me you still saw me tp'ing and attacked. :D

8:35 you saw towers and then guessed where BM wow ! nice skill

8:50-8:55 explain that one pls :D

8:57 BM ran other side of forest and same second as he walked out of WW you attacked creeps. this move is 100% prove you mh :D

14:10 unlogical move again. you will say he saw item in my inv yes ? 1st. look at his lvl of play 2nd. he didint click on my hero. :)

watched at high speed didint notice any clicks on bm while he was invisibile but i guess this will be enough. :D

and if he gets banned i want lose remove :)

14th October 2010, 09:50 PM
treeex locked+ip locked 3 months

defiler^ofpussy 1 solo random lose removed